Meeting Meghan! Amazing day for inspiration


Well it finally happened! I got to see Meghan Markle in the flesh.

I can’t even express how happy I was seeing Meghan and of course Her majesty the Queen. Meghan has been a big inspiration for me for a number of years, something I have been ever so subtle about in previous blogs (orrr maybe not haha), you can see those posts here and here. When I heard the new Duchess of Sussex would be visiting Chester, I just knew I had to attend. One, because I am not sure if I will get the opportunity again, and secondly because I really wanted a chance to see the woman who has inspired me for these past few years, and hoped I would get to tell her so.

It was an early start, but I didn’t mind waking up and setting off at 7.30am, as I really just wanted to get to Chester and see where I could stand to see them arrive. Surprisingly when we arrived at 9.15am, there was already a significant amount of people gathered. From then onwards myself and my mother and aunty waited for around 4 hours before the Queen and Duchess arrived. The time went by quicker then I thought, and I think it was just due to the excitement.

Once they arrived, there was a minute silence held for the Grenfell tower, and then The Queen and Duchess headed inside to open Storehouse and see some performances. A little wait longer and they began to greet us in the crowd. Luckily for me, Meghan came to the side of the crowd that I was in, and I waited excitedly as she walked closer and closer! She is absolutely stunning, friendly, confident and just everything I had imagined. Sadly Meghan was called to some other crowd members just as she got to me to shake hands, but just seeing her was enough for me.

Meghan is definitely a hero of mine and I can’t even express how happy the day made me. It was a long wait, but it was so nice to be part of something fun, positive and rewarding. Especially as there is so much negativity in the world. I most definitely would go and see the royal family again, and hope one day I can tell Meghan in person how inspiring she is. The reasons why she inspires me, I have spoken about in my other blogs. But long before she met Harry, Meghan was someone who showed she cared for others, particularly women and their rights and used her platform for more than simply to walk red carpets and look pretty.

In a world that too often we turn those on reality television or who go viral for whatever reason, into instant role models, I find it far more appealing for young boys and girls to look up to people such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I know the Royal Family cause mixed opinions, but like them or not, they are a far better thing inspire others, rather than to simply want to increase your Instagram likes and follower count, at least in my opinion.


Seeing Meghan brought fresh inspiration to me, and really make me want to improve in my own life in how I can do more and help more, to make the world a little better day by day.





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