Little Love Book Club: Where the light gets in

It’s a little late, but it’s that time again!

For the book club, it was my turn to choose, and this lovely book caught my eye immediately. The cover is beautiful, the plot was intriguing and it felt like it would be a bit of a feel good book after the previous ‘Three things about Elsie” we read. I also loved that the cover and story included a little Dachshund dog (my fave).

Vanille and I gathered at her house this time to discuss the book, as well as have a lovely catch up and binge watch Queer eye! We were also joined by her two precious dogs (Dachshund of course), and a LOT of snacks! We both agreed that this was a nice read and I mean that in the best way. It’s the kind of book you want to read curled up on the sofa, on a lazy Sunday afternoon. From the minute I started reading the book, I felt immersed in the little town perfectly described by Lucy Dillon, so much so, I wanted to pack a suitcase and book an airbnb immediately.

We are introduced to our main character Lorna, volunteering in a hospital with one of her favourite patients, Betty, who is accompanied by her little dog Rudy. Betty offers advise and wisdom to Lorna, and inspires her to take a leap and trust herself for the first time in a very long time. So Lorna heads back to Longhampton, the small town she grew up in, and fulfils a dream by opening a gallery.

Lorna is dedicated to making the gallery a success, since she is using the last of her savings, she needs it to be a success! Her other goal is to make her new flat, her very own oasis of calm… this doesn’t last very long as she has an unexpected guest (or two!).

We journey with Lorna as she struggles with juggling starting her own business, learning how to take care of a dog for the first time and we connect with the people who come into her life, and those that come back from her past.

This isn’t a book that has a great mystery to solve, or a shocking twist you need to figure out. It’s a book we can all relate to in some way; full of life lessons, family drama, new friends and old crushes and unlikely friendships. Each character we meet has some lessons to offer Lorna in her journey to reconciling with the death of her parents, to help her see her talent and that she is quite capable in inspiring others in a way different from her mother ( who she strives to be like).

Whilst it’s probably not a book I would jump to read another ten times, I can see myself reading it a second time, if for nothing else but to inspire me to not take life for granted and to have faith in myself. Something Lorna slowly learns from her unexpected friend Joyce. When she meets Joyce, Joyce is a strong, frank, and honest elderly lady that refuses help or friendship for that matter. But the relationship the develops between Joyce and Lorna is absolutely beautiful to read and you slowly learn to understand each woman more and more, as the characters start to break down the walls each of them have built around themselves.

As we get to know Joyce more, the influence of our previous book club choice really highlighted how aging really has an effect on a person and their fight to remain independent, even when they need assistance.

Some elements of this book I absolutely loved. The comfort factor alone! This book made me want to get up and head for the countryside, rent a cottage and paint. It allows you to appreciate other people’s perspectives in so many ways, whether a different taste in art, in morals or goals in life and the risk they are willing to take to achieve these goals. It’s not a perfect book, but what is?

This book offers comfort, it will make you smile, maybe even make you cry and without a doubt will leave you feeling happy after reading it.


Book rating – 5/10

Recommend – Yes

Read again– Yes




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