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I have spoken many times on my admiration and love for Meghan Markle, not only due to her talent, her immense passion for helping others, and her beautiful website, The However, I wanted to delve a little deeper and talk about why she inspires me and others.

The Tig 


Many people will look at Meghan, and quickly judge that she is ‘just an actress’, why this is a bad thing I don’t know. But that statement could not be further from the truth. Yes Meghan is an actress, a brilliant one at that, but she is so much more than that. Meghan has really shown this through, discussing her love of fashion, food and philanthropy work. The Tig is one of my favourite sites to visit. Not only does it allow me to learn more about Meghan, who I am a great fan of, it beautifully intertwines subject matters of beauty and food along with charity and helping others. On The Tig, you can explore great recipes from Meghan and others, as well as; interviews with Michelin star chefs, beauty advice, travel recommendations, fashion tips with a charitable edge, and a shop section of the latest items the Tig team are loving.


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This is a website that brings me endless inspiration, offers thought-provoking posts and also offers great recipes and fashion ideas. What I love about the site, is that it is very much Meghan. She has not simply lent her name to a site, Meghan is very involved, writing the posts, recommending her own personal places she has visited, whether a city, a spa or a restaurant. When I open The Tig, I feel as though I am getting to know Meghan a little more each time. I also love that Meghan is able to motivate others to not simply focus on the sometimes materialistic side of beauty, but involve charities, sustainable fashion sources and redefine what people see when they think of beauty.



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Meghan is extremely passionate about her work with the UN as an advocate for Gender equality and the empowerment of women, championing women’s rights. Not only does Meghan work with the UN, but as of this year, Meghan is also a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada.

She has spoken herself on finding a balance between her humanitarian work, and the acting world in her post here but the passion Meghan holds for helping others, is very clear. It is a passion she has always had, thanks to her parents showing her from a young age what it means to give back, and her enthusiasm is most definitely inspirational to young men and women who look up to Meghan. Whether it is visiting children with World Vision in Rwanda, giving a beautiful speech for the UN women, or advocating for us to get involved, whether directly working with a charity or cause or even from a donation.

I myself have been motivated more than ever this year to get more involved in the issues we are facing around the world, with the aim to help others any way possible. It is due to women like Meghan, that I am motivated and inspired to always aim to do more, and do better.

Suit Up

Now although one could think that the character of Rachel Zane and Meghan Markle were unrelated, I believe that Meghan has most definitely had an influence on this character. The suits team have admitted that they did make Rachel a foodie, much like Meghan herself and whilst their style is pretty opposite in many ways, Rachel is polished in pencil skirts and blouses, whereas Meghan prefers laid back and casual, I see many similarities in both Rachel and Meghan.


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From the first introduction of Rachel, we meet an intelligent, hard-working, sassy woman. Watching the show and Rachel’s character develop, I was hooked on seeing more of her and see where her character would go. Meghan truly brings Rachel to life, and makes the character inspiring in her own right. I love that she chooses to play a character that is not just eye candy, or a love interest. Rachel is the best at what she does, she is usually the reason Mike Ross gets by, or wins a case and shows that determination, intelligence and hard work are something to aspire to.

So whether you know Meghan just from the characters she has played, from her UN work, or just from a news article. Meghan is pretty undeniable as an inspirational woman, not only smart, entertaining and thoughtful. If you need a voice to motivate you to get up and go, food recipes to tempt you and a little inspiration each and everyday, look to Meghan Markle and The




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