StyleLikeU: A movement, a game changer & a message we need to hear

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I have been following StyleLikeU on both YouTube and their website for quite some time now. I first discovered them due to having a throwback moment when I decided to look up an actress I used to watch in a little show called ‘The sleepover club’, named Caitlin Stasey. In a late night YouTube binge, I stumbled across Caitlin in a video created by Style Like You, fast forward four hours later and I had made my way through countless more videos and explored all aspects of the Style Like U website.

So what makes Style like U so worth watching? StyeLikeU has a clear message and is doing something special, they are starting a conversation. StyleLikeU in their video project strips away the clothes of the person they are interviewing and focus on what’s underneath, as true style is from within. This is not to say that they criticise anyone or judge anyone, but send out a message through interviews and articles that inspire and speak honestly.


Caitlin in her video Images courtesy of STYLELIKEU Instagram-

The creators behind StyleLikeU are mother and daughter Elisa and Lily, and it all began after Elisa a fashion stylist realised that the work she was contributing to in the fashion world, was basically producing the same image again and again. The reality was, these images of ‘perfection’ were affecting Lily with her own identity and confidence in herself and her body. The ladies decided to send to their own take on style and to use diversity. Picking up a video camera and finding people from every walk of life, with really great personal style to interview.

These interviews have become extremely popular, with viewers from all over the world relating to each individual in front of the camera, which not only includes everyday people we can connect with, but also a few familiar faces along the way. I truly believe the message they are sending is something we should all pay attention to. To remember we are all built differently, that one persons style is not better than another’s, and that at the core of everyone are their struggles; fears, beliefs, style and experiences that should be heard and viewed, because they are all an important message. StyleLikeU allow you a small window into someones life, and it is as equally eye- opening as it is beautiful.

[Everyone is guilty of judging the cover, Style Like U opens up the book]

What I love about their message and the focus of these videos is to show that when you strip back everything; whether it be makeup, designer clothes or thrift shop clothes, perfectly styled hair, or even a persona someone may use to hide behind, once all of this is stripped back, piece by piece, we can really begin to connect together, and focus on the core of that person. It’s so easy to judge others on first impressions and from the way they look. Though it’s not something we do consciously, everyone is guilty of judging the cover, Style Like U opens up the book.


Elisa and lily Images courtesy of STYLELIKEU Instagram-


If you do one thing today, let it be to watch StyleLikeU. Below I have linked a few of my favourite interviews:

Caitlin Stacey


Daphne Rubin Vega

Jamar Rogers

If you want to learn more about StyleLikeU all of their links are below:










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