Little Love book Club: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Well this is a first, back to back book club reviews! This was not intentional, but Vanille and I actually finished ‘The Guest list’ so quickly we decided to read another mystery.

The book chosen was ‘ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ by Holly Jackson. This story centres around a young girl, who sets out to use her school project as a chance to investigate a murder case from five years earlier. Though the police and the town believe it was the boyfriend who committed the murder, our heroine Pip isn’t convinced. Using her EPQ as the reason to investigate, Pip sets out to do the seemingly impossible… find out what happened to Andie Bell and clear the name of Sal Singh in the process, all whilst the town refuse to believe he could be innocent.

This is a YA novel and for me it most definitely lived up to the positive reviews. From the minute I opened this book and entered the world of Pip I found this book to be engaging, humorous at times and addictive! I love how much mystery is within the pages, as well as learning new facts, and finding new suspects along with Pip. As I was reading along I felt anxious when Pip was taking risks to her own safety, hopeful that the we were inching closer to the truth and heartbroken alongside Pip as well.




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