Fall in love with yourself first

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post and truthfully I just have been in my own little world and my own head lately and taking some time for myself. The last couple of months have been a little up and down; between trying to manage my finances better, dealing with feeling a little less confident in myself and just the general feeling like crap sometimes because of dating and the mysteries of men. To say it’s been confusing is putting is lightly.

Oddly it was after watching the royal wedding, that sort of brought some of these feelings back. I am a long time Meghan Markle fan, so I was pretty excited to see the big day. But watching these two beautiful individuals didn’t just reignite my romantic side, it also kind of made me a little sad. Not because Prince Harry is off the market, but mainly due to the fact it just reminded me that I’m not exactly close to finding that connection with someone, even when I thought I had. My friend has recently been dealing with some heartbreak lately and as I was giving her advice, I started wondering why I didn’t take more of it myself. Instead of spending nights on the phone with each other teary eyed, drinking wine and wondering what we did or didn’t do, why not focus on who we are, what makes us happy instead of sad and more importantly concentrate on the people who appreciate us and love us.

Since then, I have been really trying to concentrate on the good things and setting some new goals. I previously mentioned my desire to get back into Yoga. Besides this I have really fallen even more in love with reading, thanks to my little book club with my friend. Basically I’ve just had bit more of a boost up my butt to make sure I’m living my happiest life and these are just some of the ways I have been doing it.

Yoga and exercise

Getting back into yoga has been great so far. Though I’m taking it slow, I am loving exploring creating my own flows, finding great YouTube videos and taking a class here and there too. The beautiful thing about yoga, and any exercise is that the more you do it, the more you crave it. Already I find myself sitting in my office chair wanting to get up and stretch every other minute. Besides feeling better after each yoga session; mentally, it really boosts your mood and centers your mind. After every practice you are relaxed in your body and your thoughts.


As mentioned, my love affair with books has been ongoing, but since starting the book club, I have found myself wanting to read more. In fact, Vanille and I usually finish our actual book too early, and wind up starting new books before we meet to discuss the one selected. I love escaping with new characters, imagining different scenery and escaping from my own world, every now and then to dive into someone else’s.

I love taking my break in work, walking to the docks, the park or sometimes just a free bench nearby to read and get away from my desk and tasks of the day.


I always make sure to make time for my friends, but especially lately. Whether it’s over the phone, going for a drink or sitting on each others couch, I love my friends and how much they can boost my mood.

Although trying to save money, means less nights out and more time watching Netflix and love island, knowing that however busy we may get, I can always give them a call is an amazing thing. Friends should never be taken for granted whether you are loving life or at a low.


Setting goals is a great way that can really keep you focused and productive as well. I know that my goals for the future are to save for some trips and long-term for a house. Of course that means more sacrifices in saying no to things now and again, but long-term it will be worth it.

Since setting new goals and making sure that I focus more on myself and making sure I’m happy, life has been pretty great lately. Of course I still have sad days, and days I want to sit and eat ice cream, but for the most part I feel a lot happier. Hopefully if you use few of these tips, you might too as well.




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