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Inspiration is something that I always look for in my life. Not only for my blog and YouTube, but in all aspects of my life. I love that sudden urge to get to work when inspiration strikes, you suddenly want to spend the whole day working on a certain project, to let your imagination run away with you and to allow that to go on to inspire others. Anything and everything can inspire me, from a photograph, a YouTube video or even a fellow bloggers post. Besides certain things inspiring me, more than anything, certain people always bring inspiration to me as well.

Meghan Markle 


Photo- Courtesy of Meghan markle –

Ahh Meghan… I don’t think I even have the words to express my love for Meghan Markle. If you are a TV fan, then you will most likely know her from the popular show ‘Suits’. Watching the show is how I stumbled across Meghan. I love her character on the show, Rachel Zane. Rachel is intelligent, sassy, beautiful and is also inspiring. What makes Meghan herself inspiring is pretty much every aspect of her life. Meghan is a woman who Loves life, she embraces every part of it. Not taking anything for granted, enjoying her work and home life, being present in the moment and doing more than just resting on her laurels.

Meghan is the founder of A website I absolutely adore. It is because of the Tig that I have drawn the inspiration to expand my blog into something more that I feel even more passionate about. Meghan’s website is all about experiences and a lifestyle that can always bring you inspiration. Whether through travel, your food, or beauty as well. I love what Meghan stands for, which is far more than just her character on Tv, or just being a pretty face. Meghan speaks up for equality, women’s rights, and living a healthy life. Meghan is my spirit animal and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Twitter: Meghan Markle / Website: TheTig

Brianna Traynor


Photo Courtesy of Bskyfitness I do not own

Brianna is the definition of inspirational. Not only in terms of her work ethic and the business she has built, but also in her own personal life and what she has overcome. I started following Brianna after seeing her progress picture on the tone it up website back in 2012. Over the years I have seen her grow so much, not only has Brianna lost over 40 pounds in her weight loss journey, she has documented the true ups and downs of the relationship you have with yourself and your own body. Brianna suffered with orthorexia but more importantly overcame it as well.

When I started following Brianna on Instagram she was actually a teacher, but she has since followed her passion for fitness, studied for her personal trainer certificate and is now a trainer both at a gym and online. I find every post, every instagram picture and every YouTube video so inspiring. Brianna has always had the strong message of balance, which she lives by everyday. If you want some serious gym inspiration and a positive message in your life, then definitely check out Brianna’s links below.

Twitter: BSKYFITNESS / Instagram: Brianna Sky / YouTube: Brianna sky

Emma Watson 


 Much like the rest of the world, I have been a fan of Emma since she graced our cinema screens in Harry potter,

However, it is what Emma has done since her role that has made me fall even more in love with her. Due to the success of harry potter, Emma could have easily never worked again, spent her days doing not much else but enjoying her earnings. But rather than simply resting on her early success in life, Emma has gone on to not only carefully choose her film projects but inspire a whole host of people to stand up for equality. Emma is a brilliantly intelligent woman, caring, passionate and inspiring to so many. Emma is a woman who inspires me to step outside of my own world, take a look at what is going on around the world and to know that we can make a difference.

Twitter: Emma Watson / Website: HeForShe

Victoria McGrath



Photo Courtesy of inthefrow- I do not own

I have talked about my love for Victoria many, many times but honestly this woman is just so inspiring to me. Not even just for her actual blog, but her work ethic. From reading her blog, to watching her YouTube videos, you can see how tirelessly Victoria works round the clock to produce excellent content and to continue to be original and creative in her content. I am always inspired by Victoria, she is a young woman who is a true example of where hard work can get you. I always look to Inthefrow to remind me why blogging is not only a fun way to spend my free time, but inspire me enough to always work harder and continue to improve in everything I do. / Twitter- Inthefrow

These are just a few of the ladies that inspire me, why not check them out and hopefully they bring you inspiration too.





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