L’Occitane Ultra rich cream: A winter miracle for your skin


I have spoken previously about some of the fantastic L’occitane products on offer. As a fairly high-end brand you expect a lot for the money you are paying and I have been so happy with the products in the past, but I felt it was necessary to do a quick post about one product in particular. This product is so good in fact, that I would even call it my winter holy grail product!

I’ve always been lucky to have pretty good skin. I’ve never had acne, I don’t break out often unless its hormonal spots, and I usually can even be quite lazy with my skin care regime and still come out with soft and fairly glowing skin. However, this changed a few weeks ago when the weather here in the UK saw a drop in temperature and suddenly my skin became my worst enemy! I usually say I have normal to dry skin, but when the weather got colder I was shocked at how my skin reacted. I have truly have never suffered from dry skin like this before. My forehead, under my eyes and the sides of my face were itchy, skin was flaking and it just felt tight and overall as though I needed a good exfoliation. I tried face masks, extra moisturiser, exfoliating, honey, drinking even more water than usual, literally everything! When finally I remembered about the thick and gorgeous Shea butter ultra rich comfort cream moisturiser on offer from L’occitane. It was my last hope, and though I hadn’t really budgeted for a new moisturiser, especially so close to Christmas, I also couldn’t go another day with my face feeling so uncomfortable and dry.

I purchased the moisturiser on my lunch break from work and pretty much smothered myself in it. I applied it again that night after cleansing and toning, (I was already using the oil cleanser and toner from L’occitane from the same range at this time). When I woke up the next day I would say my problems were reduced by 50-60%. I was truly amazed! I continued to use the mosituriser every morning and evening and I think it took around five days maximum before I felt like myself again and my skin returned to its normal soft and subtle feel. 


I am in love with this moisturiser. Yes, on first glance you may think it is too heavy or too thick, but a little goes a long way and when applied to the skin, it really does sink deep into it and does not feel heavy at all. I was truly worried that i was suddenly experiencing a changeto my skin that may have ended up permanent, but instead my skin is back to normal and I feel extremely protected going out into the cold. Of course this moisturiser is not one I would use in the summer time, but this most definitely will be my winter essential from now on

I wanted to write this post for anyone who may be suffering the same problems. If you are battling with your skin this winter, I cannot recommend a better product than this. It really has made all the difference and my confidence has grown because of this. If you need a much-needed boost to your skin or help with dryness, treat yourself today and buy this product, you truly won’t regret it!




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