The little love book club: One of us is lying


Well it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the book club, and that is just due to myself and Vanille being quite busy and not having time to read. But eventually we did decide on a book, which was is a young adult novel based around a murder that occurred in detention of a school. I loved the idea of this book because its mystery, crime solving and reading between the lines.

We meet five students in detention very early on in the book, however only four of the students come out of detention alive. What appears at first as an accident, quickly becomes a murder investigation after police suspect foul play. This book is often advertised to fans of pretty little liars and gossip girl, as a fan of both its easy to see why. I loved that the book jumps straight into detention and we slowly learn more about the characters and suspects after the death. It allows you to truly view them all as very potential suspects, and you really don’t know who to trust. The reason for this? Because all four of the students found in detention that day have their own secret, and therefore a motive.

I was way past halfway through this book before I could guess who was guilty, and even then I wasn’t 100% sure. I love that there is such a build up of what secret will come out next, you truly do suspect everyone and you have good reason to. In terms of aspects of the book I didn’t enjoy? Perhaps the end. I love that we find out what happens to everyone once the truth is revealed but I felt the last page ended at an odd time, however I loved who it involved. Reading this book it does feel very high-school, but that isn’t a criticism, as it is a young adult book. The book is filled with cliques, bullying and gossip. The fact that students are judged so harshly enables us to understand why some of their secrets need to stay that way.

Vanille and I met for a glass of wine and a lot of food for this meet up, but we found that there was not much discussion to be have about this book. Though we had shared a few thoughts over text, after we finished reading this, this didn’t spark as much discussion as previous reads.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It’s an easy read and quickly grabs your attention. After the last two books from the book club, I think I was lacking that instant action. We meet the students on the way and in detention in the first few pages. I like that it is not dragged out too much.


Book rating – 5/10

Recommend – Yes

Read again –  not likely to, but i would recommend for a younger reader





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