L’Occitane: A breath of fresh air for the skin


Not too long ago I featured a perfume from L’Occatiane on a blog post ‘Spring beauty essentials’. Whilst writing that post, I took a trip to the L’Occitane store and immediately fell in love with the store and the beautiful products inside. With everything from body treatments, fragrances, candles, skincare and more, this is a store where you can go to truly escape from whatever else is happening and feel relaxed straight away. There is a soothing atmosphere within the L’Occitane store, that instantly makes you want to bottle that calming feeling and take it away, which is exactly what I did with a few new products.


I personally needed a new moisturiser and so I was drawn to the beautiful skin care ranges the store has to offer. A wonderful sales assistant checked my skin, and advised the best options for me, which was definitely products to help with dry skin. I found two of the products really stood out for me, and I just had to have them! Unexpected purchases were not on the cards, but I often find the best products and clothes come from window shopping.

L’occitane Cleansing Oil

The cleansing oil not only works as a beautiful cleanser, but also easily cleans away any traces of makeup. This feels soft and luxurious when first applied to the face, and you only need a very small amount to go a long way. The oil feels thick, but easy to apply. I rub this over my face and make sure I work the oil in before adding water. Once combined with warm water, this becomes a foam like cleanser. Just a quick rinse, and your skin will be clean and refreshed.

I have loved using this cleansing oil so far. It leaves my face feeling smooth and very clean, particularly when removing my makeup. I don’t currently use it everyday, as it feels like a luxury for my skin. I usually wash my face with the cleansing oil two times a week, with the remaining days using the Elemis cleanser.


L’occitane Shea butter light comforting cream (5%)

This moisturiser was the product I was most excited about. Not only is it perfect for dry skin, with Shea butter, it feels incredibly light and delicate on the skin. This a great moisturiser to use for both day and night as it is very soothing for the face. I have found since using this moisturiser, my skin feels softer, certainly more nourished and much healthier.

The added ingredient of Shea butter is what really makes this moisturiser so beautiful. Shea butter is fantastic for nourishing and protecting the skin. Not only does it contain omega 6 but karitene as well, these also help to soothe and nourish with each and every application. The lightness of the cream means you don’t need to wait too long for it to sink into your skin before getting on with your day or applying your makeup.


L’Occitane is definitely a brand I will be looking to for more products in the future, and one I highly recommend for beautiful and quality products.





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