Beauty Spotlight: Fenty Beauty

Unless you have been living under rock, you would have seen Rhianna’s makeup line explode onto the scene. Now I may be a little beyond fashionably late, but I finally decided to give the range a try and thought I would share a few things I love.

For this range, I didn’t want to just order online and hope the shades matched, I wanted to go in store, test out the products and truly enjoy the fenty beauty experience.

Pro Filt’r Matte Foundation

Of course the main product released was the amazing 40 shade range foundation. When Fenty beauty came out I was really impressed with this amount of shades. I know there are other brands out there with a similar amount, but as a new beauty range, this was an amazing launch. I did try and guess what shade I would be online, so I could have at least an idea going in store and surprisingly I guessed correct. I went to the Harvey Nichols in Liverpool one, where the staff were extremely helpful in talking through the products.

I sat down with the team member and she matched me as the colour 300. I love this foundation, its long lasting, has a gorgeous finish and I think the price is reasonable and it is a wonderful quality. When tried in store, the product was applied with the foundation brush. Whilst I did enjoy the finish, trying at home I decided to apply it with my trusty beauty blender. Though I do find a brush great, I tend to always use a sponge.

The foundation has a great coverage it’s a medium to full, rather then being too heavy, which means it is perfect for a day time look. The one tip that I was given is to not apply it all over your face as it is very quick drying. Apply it to one side at a time to ensure you can blend it properly before it sets.

Match Stix

After seeing the match stix on other reviews, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy using them on my skin as it looked quite solid and possibly that it would disturb the foundation. However, when it was applied to my face I loved the result. It blended so beautifully and produced the most amazing finish. I think using the mini contour brush really helped in getting the precision and finish for the look. When applied, the product is creamy and glides onto the skin very easily. What I also enjoyed about the match stix is that it is great for being able to add on more without it getting too heavy.

For this look, I only added a small amount, as I really just wanted to show what a great day look you can achieve.

Though I didn’t purchase the contour brush, I think the end result is still just as beautiful with one of my brushes I already had in my collection. There are a range of colours for the match stix, in order to contour and brighten. I didn’t try the brightening stix on this occasion, but I am sure they are equally as lovely. With the foundation and match stix combined, I think the Fenty beauty line creates an effortless, everyday look. For my contour I used the shade Mocha.


This highlighter brush is what I had my eyes set on when I was looking to buy a few items from the line. I love the colour of the brush and more importantly the shape it has been cut. It glides so easily along the cheekbone and gives a beautiful coverage of the highlighter.

I decided to purchase the highlighter duo girl next door and chic peach. I love both shades as they are the perfect for an everyday look, and that can transition to evening. On my cheeks I decided to use Girl next door. With these highlighters, a little really goes a long way! I only used a small amount and got more than I bargained for. Adding a little more each time and building up the product is far better for these highlighters. Unless of course it is a evening look, in which case I say glow like the moon!



I’m not going to lie, as far as makeup is concerned, I probably get the least excited about lipsticks and such. Half the time I forget to even apply anything to my lips when I’m going out, and only realise when I’m half way there! So for me, I like lipsticks and shades that are more suited for an everyday look. Of course I love a red lipstick (LOVE), but for days when you are heading to work, or maybe a little date night, I like easy and natural colours.

I tested a few of the shades Fenty had to offer, and fell in love with the beautiful shade, which is perfectly named Spanked! This is such a lovely colour, that I really love for my skin tone. It’s beautiful, not too harsh and applies like a dream. The lipsticks glide easily onto the lip, it has a gorgeous creamy texture with a great colour pay off. Yes, for the price they are a little on the small side. However, for someone like me, who wouldn’t really reach for a lipstick every single day, I would buy this again as it would last. If you are a lipstick fanatic, then a larger lipstick probably would be a better choice for you.


What do you think of the Fenty Beauty range?






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