The In’s and Out’s of the Microblading experience

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will have probably heard mention of the disaster that are my eyebrows, from time to time. I have previously written about why my brows always bothered me, but thankfully, that is now a thing of the past. I finally decided to bite the bullet and book in for microblading.

Microblading is something I have been thinking about getting for quite some time, but I just didn’t ever seem to actually take steps to do it. However, after coming back from my holiday in Santorini, I was finally motivated to go for it. When lounging around a pool, I most definitely didn’t want to wear makeup, but without my trusted brow pomade, my poor brows looked very sad. This is what spurred me on to book an appointment, and boost my confidence with beautiful brows. I am going to detail what happens during the process and the aftercare of getting this done, so if you have any doubts, I will do my best to help clear up what goes on.

Who to choose?

Deciding who to choose for the procedure is very important. I looked at a few places, read reviews and also looked at what you need to look out for. Luckily my friend Jo helped by recommending a place called Oh My brows, as she was already aware of them. Not only does their Instagram before and after pictures speak for itself, there are so many reviews that detail how good the service is, at every step of the way. When someone is called the Brow king, you better believe he is the best of the best and I am so happy with my choice.

How to prepare

Oh my brows gave a very detailed message of what to do before my appointment. Simple things like avoiding strong sunlight (so not sunbathing), excessive sweating before and after. Of course a patch test was also absolutely vital before the procedure to ensure there would be no allergic reaction. It was also advised not to have the brows waxed or anything at least one week prior. So not too much preparation is involved, but ensuring you do everything they advise, there should be no issues during the entire process.



The Procedure

On the day I was a little nervous, perhaps because I didn’t know what to expect in terms of pain, and how it would go. I quickly relaxed however thanks to the friendly staff and having time to breathe whilst I filled out some forms. Ian began by asking how I wanted my brows to look and to get an idea of what I was looking for. After that he worked on what the shape and look would be, stopping to see if I was happy with it before the microblading actually started.

Before applying the anesthetic Ian did start outlining a little of the brow with the blade. I’m not going to lie, that did sting a little, and does make your eyes water ever so slightly. I wouldn’t say it’s very painful by any means, but I did find myself clenching my hand a few times, once the anesthetic is applied however, it was much easier. Overall I think it was just under two hours from when I walked through the door to being complete, but it went very quick. Then I was given aftercare instructions and cream and sent on my way.

Around day 5 after the procedure

What happens next

The first seven days are very important in following the after care instructions to make sure you don’t damage the pigment. Applying the cream provided is essential (though not too heavily), and not using other skin products or makeup in that area during the first week. After the first week, the irritation really calms down, and they just feel like your normal brows. The flaking of the skin is still evident, but tentative washing and easing back to using my normal products after around day 10 seemed to work for me well.

After this, it’s pretty much smooth sailing until your top up appointment. It was very easy to get used to my new brows, when I actually thought it would take some adjusting to. They have a natural look, and I honestly feel so happy I finally decided to get them done. Having been on the fence for quite some time, I really just wish I had booked this appointment months ago!

The Top up

Straight after the top up

After 6 weeks I headed back to receive my top up. This is vital to do, as this is when your brows will be completely finished. The top up is the time to fill in any missing hair stokes, you may want the colour a little darker if that’s your preference and its a chance just to discuss anything you may not be happy with, or what you want more of. After this, they are complete. You do have to go through the healing process again, but after that your brows will look amazing and won’t need anything for a good few months (so long as you look after them).

Seeing a before and after on my brows truly amazes me at just how little I had. It’s something I was aware of, but it was only after that I saw just how little natural brow I actually had. Overall, I am thrilled with the brow procedure and only wish I had done it sooner. Now when I don’t have any makeup on I feel just that little bit extra confident and slightly more put together.

Current Brows


Let me know if this helped you at all. If you are in Liverpool, I would highly recommend Oh my brows.




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