Gym gear & how it can give an extra boost

For most of us, getting into a healthy habit with exercise can sometimes be a struggle. I know that for me I am absolutely an all or nothing girl. I can go to the gym consistently for 4-5 days in a row, but the minute I skip a day or two, suddenly the rest of the week follows the same way. Even though when Christmas was over I was fully ready to get back to a healthy diet and excited to workout as well as Tone up, it had been touch and go some weeks if I make it to the gym on all the days I plan to.

There a million valid reasons to get your body moving. Exercise boosts your mood in such an amazing way. If you are annoyed or angry, lifting some weights gets that aggression out. Got a lot on your mind? Running and taking a breath for yourself completely perks you up. Obviously with healthy eating, exercise can do wonders for your body in terms of toning, losing weight and giving you confidence. Yet for all of these amazing reasons, when that alarm starts ringing at 5.30am, some days I can also find a few reasons to stay in bed.

Don’t get me wrong, even on days I have a battle in my mind making a list of reasons to go to the gym, the positives always win. But I have also found another little extra boost to get me a little more excited and pumped to get out of my comfy and warm bed and that’s workout clothes!

When Black Friday came around I decided to make use of the sales and stock up on some much-needed gym gear. What I love about workout clothes is how much they can really get you feeling pumped and feeling like a pro (even if you are just a novice). I purchased sport bras, leggings socks and some wireless headphones and it felt great! Previously I’ve always been a little weary of wearing the skin-tight leggings, but when I tried them on, I instantly felt great! My choice is the H&M leggings that come in a variety of colours. Not only are they gorgeous, they suck you in and feel so comfortable on.

What I was most excited about however was purchasing some new sports bras! I adore the pastel colours H&M offer and how affordable the bras are. Compared to other brands these are very reasonably priced, as well as beautiful and so comfortable. I actually loved the bras so much I ordered more after my first ones arrived. What I love about these gym clothes is how extra motivated I get with them. When I lay my gym clothes out each night, i love seeing the cute and colourful outfits and it does help me get a little pumped.

Walking into the gym you always want to feel as comfortable as possible and these clothes make me feel confident as well as feeling good.

Besides the clothes, I also decided that it was time to invest in some wireless headphones. These are such a great purchase if you go to the gym regularly. Whether you are a cardio bunny or a weights girl, having a wire getting tangled up in between is not fun and breaks your focus. I didn’t want to break the bank so I actually found these on Amazon, though these were £22 I think that is very reasonable as it comes with a case, which i use to keep them from getting broken in my gym bag. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a cheap pair of wireless headphones that work great!


What do you do to get motivated for a workout?




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