A Productive Rant About Self-Improvement

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you that self-improvement is the most important thing you can be engaging in. Many others will tell you that the pursuit of self-improvement is nothing more than a scam, a buzzword that’s passed around by people who want to make you feel bad about yourself.

Which one is right?

Well, let’s take a minute to consider what self-improvement really means. Because a lot of people already have their own notions about what that term refers to when they hear it. They’ll assume it means weight loss, or getting in touch with some spiritual mumbo-jumbo, or putting on a suit and getting a desk job that pays you a lot but sort of destroys your soul. (If you’re already stuck in one of those, then consider visiting AutoStraddle.com for advice!) Of course, self-improvement doesn’t necessarily have to mean any of those things.

So, a quick shuffling of our perspective allows us to see self-improvement as the pursuit of becoming a person you are happier being. And there’s always something we can be doing better, right? There’s always something about ourselves that we know we’d be happier without.

The counter to this sort of thinking is that you should always be happy with who you are. Well, if you literally cannot change or improve something about yourself, then this seems like a semi-pragmatic way of looking at things. But what if it’s something you can change? There are the simple things – someone who wants to change their style up a bit can visit RenegadeCitizen.com, or someone who wants to know more about a particular topic can read a book. But not every problem has such a simple solution.

Let’s simply take self-improvement literally: improving yourself. Let’s not assume it’s a term referring to some specific route by which you may improve yourself in someone else’s eyes. Now consider what one can do to improve oneself. How can someone ‘improve’? If we infer that this means ‘be a better person’, then you can probably think of loads of ways in which someone can do that.

The problem of weight can be a particularly tricky issue when we talk about self-improvement. It’s something that many people will tell you not to worry about. So what if someone else is telling you that your weight isn’t desirable? Of course, it depends on who is telling you. If your doctor is telling you this, then it’s probably time to start ignoring those who want you to avoid self-improvement. At that point, not pursuing an improvement of the self can have a catastrophic effect on your health.

Self-improvement should be pursued with your own health and happiness in mind. This is why you shouldn’t spend too much time listening to other people’s views on the idea of self-improvement. If you want to improve a particular area of yourself, then go for it – because the chances are you will actually improve yourself in the process. Want to lose or gain weight? Then do it – it could make you healthier. Read more about it at WebMD.com. Want to be smarter? Then pick a subject and study – it will boost your self-confidence. Don’t assume that ‘self-improvement’ is some term people use to make others feel bad. Pursuing it can make you feel better.



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