Spring Wish List: Health and Fitness Essentials


So April is finally here, and with the Spring weather and daffodils blooming, Summer doesn’t seem too far away. For me personally I have some goals to reach before I’m quite ready for summer to begin. One of the main goals for me is to really tone up and get fully back to my healthy eating. To get in the Summer spirit, and help me reach my goals,  I’ve put together a wish list of health and fitness items I am loving for April and hopefully that inspires you too!


H&M Fitness gear

Image is not my own- Image is owned and sourced from http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/ladies/shop-by-product/sportswear.html

I love great workout gear. Something about having great gear to wear really makes you want to workout, and if you look good whilst doing it then even better! What I love about the H&M range is just how beautiful it is, whilst still being functional. The great prices also make the H&M range so affordable. My favourites are most definitely the gorgeous sports bras. So much in fact, every single one I own is from H&M past collections.

I don’t believe fitness gear should have to be super pricey, yes it is important to have workout gear that does have great structure, and the best material, but H&M have created clothing that are so pretty, yet still keep you secure and comfortable, no matter what your choice of exercise is.

The H&M fitness range is practical, beautiful and very affordable.

Image is not my own- Image is owned and sourced from http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/ladies/shop-by-product/sportswear.html

Slow speed Juicer by Panasonic 

Image not my own- courtesy of – http://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/home-appliances/juicers/mj-l500.html

Now as far as wish lists go, the Juicer by Panasonic is very high on the list! This is juicer of dreams. I love to make smoothies, but juicing is something that I would really love to try more of. The benefits of juicing are amazing! Not only do you get a delicious drink, but more importantly you get the full benefits of the fruit or vegetables you have chosen to use. With the Panasonic slow speed juicer, it not only uses a stainless steel screw to break down the ingredients to get the maximum amount of juice, this steel screw rotates by pressing and crushing, this action allows the juicer to retain more of the nutrients antioxidants, that are essential for your body.

What I also love, is that unlike other juicers, you can use frozen fruit too in order to make a healthy snack. Perfect when trying to stay healthy in the spring and summer months! The Juicers by Panasonic are a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and reaching your goals.

Life is so hectic most of the time, between work, trying to workout, doing your food shopping, hobbies and just living your life, we are usually always on the go. With the Slow speed juicer, at least for a minute you can take a little breather, have a delicious and refreshing drink before carrying on with your day.

A great recipe you can try is a healthy alternative to ice cream.

You will need:

One frozen banana

Your favourite frozen fruit! I love strawberries for this

A splash of juice or your favourite milk is always good too (in case it is a little thick)


Juicers by Panasonic 

Tone it up Protein and Goodies

Image is not my own- Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/toneitup/

What is a fitness journey without some protein powder! I don’t order from Tone it up frequently (shipping from America, you can imagine isn’t something I want to pay often). But I like to stock up in bulk when I need some Tone it up gear or essentials. The protein powder is tasty, easily blended and is so great for keeping me on track with my fitness goals.

I’ve said before how much I love to support the Tone it up ladies, and when they produce such practical and beautiful products, how can I resist! Some products I really am wishing for is the Chocolate protein powder, Tone it up water bottle, and lunch bag!

For April, the Tone it up gear is high on my list of essentials.

Holiday Gear

Image is not my own- Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/sarahhashcroft/

Now there is a reason, why I am so focused on getting extra fit in the next few months, one reason being is that I am flying back to Santorini in may for a wedding. I’m so excited to be going back to Greece, but most definitely want to feel more confident in a bikini first. But with a holiday, comes Holiday essentials, and I have quite a few on my wish list!

As much as my old suitcase has served me well, it is about time for an upgrade! I’m not looking for anything too expensive, but just a unique suitcase I can easily recognise and that more importantly is easy to manoeuvre. Hopefully I will be packing in this suitcase one thing that is very high on my wish list, a unicorn Float! I am dying for this Sarah Ashcroft edition Float.

I have seen many a fun float displayed on Instagram, from pineapples, pizza slices and swans, but the unicorn is so adorable and I definitely want one to take with me. Primark have a fantastic range for holiday bits and bobs, so I will definitely be taking a look there soon.


Fitbit Alta HR

Image is not my own – courtesy of https://www.fitbit.com/uk/shop/altahr

Last on my last, is not so much a wish as a recommendation. For my birthday I decided to treat myself, and with the help of mum and sister, I pre-ordered the new Fitbit Alta HR! I have wanted a fitbit for quite some time, and when this new one released, I knew it was the right time. This is a slightly more expensive item on the wish list, but so worth it. Not only in terms of keeping on track of your daily steps and targets, this will monitor the exercise you do, how much sleep you are getting and sync up to your mobile so you can even log further details such as food diary, water in take and fitness goals.

I have been using my fitbit for just under a week and I highly recommend it for helping you keep on track for exercise and your long term goals.


Image is not my own – courtesy of https://www.fitbit.com/uk/shop/altahr


If you have any products or gifts you are hoping to buy this month or for Summer then let me know in the comments! I hope I get to purchase some of the items from my wish list later this month.

Thank you for reading!






This post was partially sponsored  in collaboration with Panasonic.

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