Making a change – Office space in the home

The great Summer Roberts once said, “Your external life, influences your internal life”, and yes this may be a fictional character on TV, but that quote has always stuck with me. I fully believe it to be true. When my room is a mess, clothes everywhere, dust gathering and general organised chaos, you can bet that the inside of my head pretty much looks the same way.

I still live at home, and as the youngest I happened to have the smallest room in the house. Whilst I didn’t mind having a confined space, over time and as I have gotten older, my cosy room eventually became a stress factor in my life. However, as my sister moved out a few months ago, I have acquired her room as well. With this new space, I really wanted to create a stress free, chilled and beautiful environment where I could work and relax. Having a little blog office space/ walk in wardrobe, I have already felt myself become a little more relaxed. I have wanted to have a desk again for quite some time, and I love having a dedicated space to work and to be creative.

Having a home office really can make such a difference. Whether this is due to you working from home full-time, enjoying an office space for hobbies or due to needing to bring your work home, it really is great to have a space to do this. In the past I have found myself writing blog posts on the sofa as my parents watch Hollyoaks, or lying in bed trying my best to focus, and it just never works quite as well as a desk. Although I do still love taking myself to a coffee shop sometimes to blog, this new work space has really motivate me again to step up my content and my focus.

Not everyone brings their work home with them, nor should they. But if you are someone who needs to get things done after work, or like myself in my spare time, a home office really can bring some much-needed inspiration.





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