Following your heart, for what you want…


Do you ever notice when you are motivated, something inside you sparks, and you go full force for what you want? Whether it’s having an Elle Woods moment of proving people wrong, or wanting to make a great change for a new adventure. When you light a fire to get your arse moving, suddenly you become unstoppable.

Why is it sometimes that we need to be pissed off before we take action?  Or even worse when we feel upset or stuck, before we make moves to change our lives for the better. Every person should work towards their goals and dreams, and too often we make people feel silly for sharing their life goals and making them feel it is unrealistic. I know I have found it hard to admit what I want from life, and ideas for the future, at least out loud, but why not speak from the heart and work hard for it. Lately I have been motivated in myself to see what I want and where I would like to get to, and it is a great feeling to be motivated and making changes for the better.

There is truly nothing better than feeling in control of your life, and too often we allow others to control it for us. The past few weeks have motivated me more than ever, and i also love that my friends around me are also taking control of what they want for the future, and how they will achieve that. Whether that is buying a house, quitting a unfulfilling job, or taking steps to better the future of their children. My friends have made me see that you need to have confidence and just go for it sometimes, and I am loving embracing that feeling.


Where do you want to be in a few months, or even a year? Whatever your goals, say them out loud and make them happen.



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