Festival Gardens: Why a walk in the park is all you need

Recently my sister took me to her new favourite place. A beautiful park she has discovered since moving a little ways down the road from our family home, Festival gardens.

I myself love being around nature, and in peaceful environments where you can spend the whole day. Whether this is spent reading a book, having a picnic or one of the best things you can do, taking a walk. The day we took a walk to Festival gardens, it was actually a little warmer than we bargained for, and although I was probably layered up a little too much, I really enjoyed being in this beautiful environment. This got me thinking, about how exercise can really change things for your mood. Whenever I am feeling stressed, annoyed, or just a little lost, I take myself to somewhere that I can be distracted, and relax.

Festival gardens is most definitely one of those places for me now. I may have stolen my sisters new haven for myself, because it truly is beautiful place to be. It’s hard to believe, that outside the main entrance is a busy road, or even that it is even in a busy city. With the oriental garden, lovely and delicate lakes and gorgeous big benches, you feel as though you have stepped into an oasis.


Walking is something we never really think about, it’s just what each of to do get from A to B. When you take some time for yourself, take a stroll by yourself, or even with a friend, your whole body relaxes, your mind eases and any over thinking takes a back seat, at least for a little while.

I have no doubt that as Summer comes this place will be packed full of people, but hopefully on a quiet Monday afternoon, you can still feel the peace and quiet this garden offers. So why not make the most of the brighter evenings and sunny days, and see what a walk in the park can do for you and your mood.

If you are in Liverpool, or even just visiting for the day, then why not take a little trip into a little known slice of heaven.



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