Beauty products I’m loving for summer

Sometimes I can get slightly complacent with my beauty products, not that sticking to products you love is a bad thing. But refusing to try new things, means that you could be missing out on discovering your new favourite lipstick, or perfume and so many more new products out there.

Over the past month I have discovered a few new products, and instantly fallen in love. Some purchases were due to my recent holiday to Greece, and others just because I needed a new update and a change to my beauty routine.


Ted Baker – White Body spray

I love perfumes, delicate scents, that you often save for a special occasion, but for me and my day to day, I prefer to use body sprays and scents that are a little easy to take. Recently I purchased this beautiful Ted Baker body spray, just on impulse. Not only did the  packaging pull me in, but more importantly the gorgeous fragrance is just what I was looking for. This is the perfect summer scent! Not only is the bottle plastic (perfect for keeping in your bag), it is perfect for topping up throughout the day. This fragrance is fruity, simple and a little flirtatious.

Urban Decay – Naked Flushed Compact

I have been on the hunt for a new bronzer for quite some time now. Whilst browsing for such a product, I found this perfect little compact from one of my favourite brands Urban decay. The Naked flushed palette was a great purchase, particularly if you are someone who is on the go. It contains a bronzer, blush and highlight. This saves me a lot of space in my makeup bag, and each of the three products are beautiful individually, which is not always a guarantee in compacts.

This is a perfect bronzer for day to day, it applies easy and lasts. I particularly love the highlighter in this set as it produces a beautiful highlight with only the smallest amount of product.

Sleek – Blusher 

Blush is a product I feel as though you can’t really have too much of. With that being said it is always good to replace your makeup every few weeks or months, and I most definitely needed some new blush in my collection. I do love sleek as a brand, and I noticed this beautiful blush that I just had to have.

Sleek have a great range of shades for you to choose from, whether looking for bright and vibrant pinks, to a beautiful peach. I decided to go for the shade Rose gold and I feel as though this is a great choice for the summer months ahead.

Soap and Glory – A brush with greatness

A facial brush has been on my list for quite some time, and though a high end one is still something I may look to in the future, I found this little soap and glory gem and decided this would be a great brush to try out. What I love about this brush is that it has both a side for exfoliating and a side for deep cleansing. This a great brush to try before deciding whether to invest in something like a Clarasonic or Foreo, If you don’t find yourself reaching for this brush to use everyday, then chances are you won’t be reaching for an even more expensive cleansing brush either.

These are just a few new items and products I have found myself reaching for. What is a favourite product of yours for summer?



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