Favourite Evening skincare essentials

I firmly believe that when it comes to spending money, we can afford to save and haggle wherever possible. However, I also believe in taking care of yourself, and the body you have. Whilst high-end hair care or expensive clothes aren’t high on my list, I do believe in spending where it counts. For me, that includes dental and skin care upkeep.

I have been lucky, in that I have never really had bad skin, of course I get spots, and I definitely have a few scars here and there, but for the most part my skin is usually pretty clear. I feel comfortable going out without makeup and just as happy wearing makeup. Having good skin, has meant that at times I took it for granted. I am that awful girl who has spent many nights sleeping in my makeup, forgetting to cleanse my face every night, or even doing more than a quick wash with water some days! I have been making an effort to change that. Looking into the best things we can do to look after our skin, and the best products. I have played around with a few, but have become bored easily or fed up with not seeing improvement.

I decided to change-up and step up my skin care routine, particularly during the night. in the process I have discovered beautiful new products that are changing my skin for the better. Below I’m showing exactly what I do each night to take a little extra care for my skin.

 Miceller water and oil pre-cleanse

I start out by using a favourite product I started using after hearing amazing things from Inthefrow. This is perfect for removing my makeup and starting to prepare my skin for the deep clean it needs after a day of makeup, exercise, and the chemicals of the world outside. I start out by placing some of the cleanser on a cotton pad and removing any and all makeup. Though this does remove the majority of makeup, it is definitely not enough to fully clean the skin.

Elemis Cleanser

What can I say. This cleanser was a recent purchase, after I saw amazing reviews for how good this product is, and how long it lasts. I finally decided to invest, as I had actually never tried any Elemis products before. The directions say to use between 2-3 pumps of product and work into the skin. This is only a very small amount, but it goes a long way in cleaning your skin effectively. This produces a slight foam rather than anything too harsh. Every time I use this cleanser I feel like I am treating my skin to a mini facial. It has a luxurious feel to it, like no cleanser I have tried before, without being overpowering. The scent is refreshing and I find this cleans my skin very effectively.



Now speaking of spa treatments, this is a beautiful toner that smells divine. I cannot stress how amazing this product smells. It has a beautiful lavender scent that it slightly overwhelming in just how beautiful it is. The toner can be used in two ways. It can be sprayed on to a cotton pad and smoothed over the face, or just simply use as a face spritz. I prefer the latter for the most part, but sometimes it is nice to feel extra clean by using a cotton pad.

Liz Earle Eye cream

Eye cream is a skincare step that I think everyone should adopt. I had wanted to put this into my routine for a long time, but never found a cream that I felt was right. I stumbled across the Liz Earle Superskin eye cream set. I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes, (I blame late night TV and too much coffee for that), so an eye cream felt like a necessity. Since beginning to add this in to my routine, I’ve felt that my under eye area is brighter, plumper and feels softer.


The  final step for my skin, is to hydrate and moisturise.  I have used this S.W Basics moisturiser both day and night to hydrate my skin, and I’ve found that this really works well for my night time routine. This moisturiser is very intense, so a little goes a long way. it deeply hydrates my skin overnight and I love how soft my skin feels when I wake up.

The cream has only 3 ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, which is one of the reasons it is so hydrating. I love applying this to my neck area as well to soothe and rehydrate.


Eye Drops


A few times a week I will also use some eye drops. I realised that working on a computer all day, as well as using my smart phone and laptop at home, has meant my eyes can becomes strained after a long day. These drops are so great to ensure my eyes are hydrated overnight and do not become irritated.


So this is the routine that I have found works great for me! I’m loving how great my skin is beginning to look. Fuller, smoother and soft.






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