Celebrate Your Mum With An Amazing Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, March 26th to be precise. With just enough time left to plan something amazing, it’s time to get our thinking caps on. There’s no better time of year to show your mum just how much you love and appreciate the things she has done for you. Whether you’re planning something for your own mother, your partner (on behalf of the kids) or your partner’s mum, be sure to remember these four things to make the day go off with a bang.


Don’t leave it to the last minute

Preparation is always the key to success, and it’s no different here. Your mum is probably one of the most savvy people you know, so she’s going to notice if you cobble something together on the night before. Start making your plans now – create a list of all the fun things she might like, and start looking into the practicalities. Afternoon tea, Sunday lunch, a day in the spa, a walk on the beach, an afternoon in the cinema? Once you know what the main event is, you’ll find it a lot easier to plan her gifts and the other, smaller parts of the day that help to make it so special.


Get her a few little gifts she’ll love

From little candles in her favourite scents, to breakfast in bed, a gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a tangible thing. There are so many options for gifts for women, you’re spoilt for choice. Getting her a few, smaller items and thoughtful gifts show you’ve made an effort to consider her interests, without just throwing money at the situation. Consider a book by her favourite author, a piece of art by a loved artist, or something that compliments her favourite hobbies, such as new crochet hooks or gardening tools. If you’re buying on behalf of your kids, be sure to consult them on the choice of gift for their mother – they might have a genius idea you’d never even thought of.


It doesn’t have to cost the earth

If you’d prefer to spend less, the day can be really special without expensive gifts. It’s all about making the gifts and activities thoughtful, rather than costly. Breakfast in bed is an absolute must to start the day, and a daffodil in a vase can brighten it up cheaply, without having to make the food too elaborate. If you’d prefer not to fork out for afternoon tea or a Sunday roast, why not cook her a lovely dinner to share with the family? After all, it’s the thought that counts.


Don’t forget the flowers

A few lovely wild flowers picked from the garden and tied into a posy with ribbon can be as special as the biggest, most elaborate bunch of flowers. Just remember, there absolutely has to be flowers.


Most of all, just make sure you’re there and that you both have a great day.




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*This post was contributed by Kate


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