Promises to myself 

So yesterday it was my birthday, and I’m turning the ripe age of 27. For some reason, I haven’t been as excited this year to celebrate my birthday, I didn’t  have a party planned or even a meal booked. Despite this, I am more than happy to get to another year, and feel very content in my journey so far.

I feel as though the past year, I have continued to grow, to challenge myself, and more importantly to continually have confidence in myself too. Turning 27, gets me a little closer to 30, and though most people dread turning 30, I’ve always said that I’ll be excited to reach that milestone when it comes! Women in particular have often said how much they love turning 30 because by that age you care for yourself more, you are more in tune with who you are and what you want, and most definitely do not apologize for the person you are.

This year between turning 26 and my birthday now, I have certainly begun to have more confidence in the person I am, and letting go of past insecurities. This is a combination of surrounding myself with the best people, learning from past mistakes and reminding myself to Be happy and to love myself each day.

So as I turn 27, I wanted to make some promises to myself to enjoy this age, and the rest of the year:

  • Take more risks
  • Speak my mind more
  • Do more that makes me happy
  • Stay committed to health and fitness
  • Enjoy life more
  • Don’t apologize for being myself
  •  Believe in myself
  • Keep working towards my goals


So they are just a few promises I plan to keep, to make 27 a great year and a great age!



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