Tone it Up: After the Challenge!

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So the Tone it up ‘Look for love challenge’ has come to an end! Much like the January challenge of 2016, I finish this Tone it up challenge feeling happy, confident and motivated. Unlike last year however, I don’t feel like I need to jump into eating copious amounts of chocolate, alcohol or other unhealthy foods. Yes I definitely have treated myself to a pizza, but that doesn’t mean I will continue to go back to not thinking about what I am consuming.

After the 8 week challenge last year, I couldn’t seem to see just how I had changed. Instead I slowly slipped into old habits and even though I joined a gym again, I had no motivation to go or workout most of the time. Yes I had moved to a new job, and my schedule completely changed, but that is not an excuse. There are enough hours in the week to commit to a little movement and more importantly taking care of yourself. I feel completely different this time around.

Not only do I appreciate the journey my mind and body have been taking lately, I am feeling so great and motivated. Having motivation for other things such an upcoming wedding for one of my best friends’s in Greece as well as wanting to stay feeling this energetic and happy on daily basis really is making all the difference. I have praised the Tone it up community so many times, but these ladies as well as Karena and Katrina have always kept me inspired and wanting to be my best self. I end this challenge a few pounds lighter, inspired, and most importantly Happy!


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