A Lush experience: The Spa of dreams

Picture a place of complete and utter bliss, a place that is inviting to you in every way imaginable. From the comfort of the decor, inviting you in to a country cottage haven, the beautiful aroma of relaxing scents and a welcoming team ready to pamper you into a refreshed, rejuvenated and happier self.

No this is not a fantasy land, or a dream world, but what you can expect when you visit the Lush Spa. It is an inviting and luxurious space, that is quite a hidden gem. In the middle of Liverpool’s bustling city centre, lies the Lush store, with the familiar beautiful bath and beauty products you are used to seeing throughout every lush store. However, hidden upstairs is the spa of dreams, climbing the stairway to heaven, you will be in awe of what you are met with.

I recently was invited to a V.I.P event at lush, in order to learn more about the spa, the store and products. I adore lush as a brand, not only due to their strong cruelty free stance, but also because of the love and care they have for their products and therefore their customers. This was wonderful experience, which I want to share with you.



The Spa has a really lovely and welcoming energy to it. The spa team explained that they really wanted visitors to feel far more welcome and comfortable in the spa, which is why it is designed with a similar vibe to an english country cottage, rather than a cold or medical feeling environment.

The spa offers numerous treatments, each treatment offering more than a quick in and out process, but are instead designed to completely transform not only how you feel on the outside, but on the inside too.



Whether you had a non- stop working week, or you have felt a little more stressed than usual. One way to truly unwind and leave your troubles at the door is to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing massage, to transport you out of your over thinking and in to a state of pure uninterrupted bliss. Lush offer a variety of massages to choose from.  Ranging from a Foot massage, 30 minute deep tissue massage, or even a 75 minute full body massage.

One of the benefits of booking a treatment with Lush is that they allow 10-15 minutes consolation time, which is separate to your actual treatment time, allowing you time to fully decide what products you want to use, understanding the treatment and getting settled before you even enter the treatment room.


Just some of the benefits of these treatments are:

  • Aid relaxation and the release of tension from the body (Hard days night – treatment)
  • Reawaken the muscles (Tailor made– treatment)
  • Grounding, clearing & releasing (The Spell– treatment)

Validation Facial 

I think from everything I heard from the spa team, the validation facial was one of the most appealing. Described as a facial where you can enjoy ‘soft, exquisite subtleties of your face massaged, cleansed and adorned in fruit and the finest essential oils for 60 minutes’. The idea behind the facial is to have you come away from the spa, happy, content, and feeling confident in your skin. One thing the spa therapist insist on is not allowing spa guests to say negative things about their skin, instead focusing on how they wish to feel afterwards. This is a beautiful way to treat customers in their spa experience, as I recently had a facial at another spa and one of the first things I was asked is if I had any problems with my skin. Whilst that is a valid question, the idea of having nothing but positive vibes from the minute you set foot in the lush spa, is far more appealing.


Products ready to be used for the facial. Photo Courtesy of – Lush Spa liverpool Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/lushspaliverpool/

The facial also includes a small neck and shoulder massage at the end, with everything timed to music perfectly for each part of your facial experience. This allows, all your senses to experience the treatment and therefore, for you to fully engage in the present moment rather than worrying about other issues, or stresses.


Feel like your skin is refreshed and bright.

Feel confident in your own skin – stand taller.

Be radiant inside and out.


Tales of Bath

Another treatment that is quite unique that Lush offer is the Tales of Bath. Though this does again include a shoulder and body massage, it also involves you emerging yourself in a gorgeous bath, complete with epsom salts, beautiful mood lights that enhance your experience with the soft blue tones they produce.

Not only do you enjoy the bath to relax and unwind, but rather than simply playing relaxing music, a story is actually told to you whilst you are in the bath, adding to the experience and how you will feel by the end of the treatment. Ultimately Lush want you to feel completely relaxed, and ‘contented in all you behold’.


Photo Courtesy of – Lush Spa liverpool Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/lushspaliverpool/


Sleep Inducing relaxed state

Feel restored

Take time for yourself, bathe in solitude

The Planets & Beyond

The most extravagant treatment you can book is named ‘The planets’. This is a treatment you could spoil someone with or even yourself, which includes a full-body massage, facial treatment and even a palm reading! This is a 180 minute treatment, so you can imagine how amazing you will be feeling after this.


Lush Spa describe the treatment as follows “From a pack of seven planet cards, choose the word to guide you, then follow it up to the bright boroughs, the circle-citadels of the firmament. Constellations of deep, immersive massage help you drift away on clouds of fragrance and distant church bells, spellbinding and rewinding until you can close the drawers of your past. The taste of a many-layered chocolate, dark and beautiful on your tongue, then hot, sweet tea to bring you back to the present.” 

The full body massage is performed in three phases. A 90 minutes of tension-alleviating, full body massage and 30 minutes of hand and arm massage including a Lush palm reading. This is then followed up with a 60 minute treatment known as the lifted facial. The lifted facial gives similar effect of a face lift in terms of tightening the skin to help rejuvenate the face.  This treatment is unlike any other that Lush Spa, or any other spa I can assume will offer. The added touch of palm reading, allows the treatment to have a little fun twist to the other relaxing elements. This is a luxury treatment, but one I believe will be extremely memorable.



Therapeutic for mind and body – rejuvenates and elevates.

Gives you the time and space to feel free.

Improves the circulation and nourishes the skin.



The lush spa provides everything you could need for an experience that will be unlike any other spa experience you have had before. The Spa staff were brilliant in explaining everything, taking the time to showcase each treatment room and answer any questions. I also love that in the spa treatment menu, it even includes the level of Nakedness involved with each treatment so you will know and everyone can feel completely comfortable.


I hope this post has helped if you are thinking of booking a treatment. The prices range from £50- £200 plus, and I truly think they will be worth every penny. I would also like to thank all the spa staff for a great look into this beautiful slice of heaven.




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*Stay tuned for more insight into exploring the Lush store and learning more about the fantastic products they offer, in a separate blog post to come.


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