Holiday Countdown- Airport makeup

When I am planning for the day I fly off on holiday, there is a long Monica Gellar like checklist I like to have to make sure that I am completely organised and have everything I need. Something that isn’t at the top of my list, but still one to note is what I will be wearing to the airport and of course my makeup too.

This really is dependant on the time you will be flying and the length of the flight. I would never be one to wear heavy eyeshadow on any flight, but a touch of concealer here, and a little lip gloss can go a long way. I will be taking an afternoon flight in the next couple of days when my holiday countdown will finish, and the actual holiday can begin! Therefore, for a short flight to Greece in the afternoon, I have detailed below two different makeup looks you can try out.

No makeup, Makeup 


A great look to go for is a minimal, no makeup look. This is perfect as you don’t want to spend too much time, on the day of your flight applying makeup, especially since the majority of it will be nestled in your suitcase. But a little light coverage and a beautifully simple eye look can really make all the difference. Particularly as I am someone who likes to take a great deal of photographs, having a little something on your face just can sometimes make you feel a little more confident. For this look I wanted something that you can apply in just a few minutes. There won’t be any contour or dramatic eyeshadow happening for this look.

Rather than going for a foundation, why not try a BB cream. This will add a little coverage to your skin without being too heavy, or have you feeling weighed down with a heavy makeup look. BB cream is not something I have really tried much, but this All in one cream from The Body shop is beautiful, has a great scent and adapts to your skin tone

Apply the cream all over the face and blend it in just using your fingers. This BB cream in particular is very hydrating, so I would leave it a few minutes before applying the concealer.



For concealer, I am using the Urban Decay Naked skin concealerjust for the under eye area, to further add brightness that the BB cream may not have fully covered. to hide any blemishes.  You can also add a little bronzer to this look, just for a little more colour and definition to the cheek bones. Brows are without a doubt an essential for little old me and my non-existent natural brows. Though I love my brow pomade, it can sometimes look a little too heavy unless you are wearing a full face of makeup. Thereairport-makeup-3fore, I opted to use a brow gel for this look.

Apply the Urban Decay Brow gel, this offers a light coverage, but enough colour to add some definition to your brows.


A sweep of blush, and a more natural looking highlighter is perfect to add a little glow and colour to your face as there isn’t any contour happening, you definitely want some definition on your cheeks, and cheekbones.

Eyeshadow is really a choice of how much you want to use if any for a flight. I like to add a bright colour on the inner corner, to make you look a little more awake and adding a little something extra to a simpler look. A small sweep of a neutral colour is also perfect, as you can always add, on top of this after you land in your destination. Finish with a slick of mascara and you are ready for your flight.




Bright lip Look


If you would like a little something extra for your plane ride than a bright lip is the perfect option. As it is very easy to create, and if you feel as though you want to change-up your look, a simple wipe with a makeup wipe will leave your lips ready for the next look.

This look will include a foundation, but again, I’m not looking for a heavy base. As we are using a bright lip colour, a foundation would be better so the skin doesn’t look washed out.

Taking the NYX HD foundation, and applying, this with a damp beauty sponge, will create a flawless finish. For this look, I will again be using the Urban decay concealer to brighten the under eye area.


Contouring isn’t an essential and not something I really want to be focusing on for this look, but a little clever bronzing will do the trick to add a little warmth to your face and slight depth to your cheekbones. However, if you want to add a little contour then by all means.

A brightening but subtle blush will be perfect for this look as we want the focus to be on the lips. So taking the Baked blush by NYX, in shade ‘Chiffon‘, you only need a small amount across the cheeks, to add a little colour, again so not to look washed out by the lip colour.

Flights can be at all hours of the day, so the focus on the eyeshadow was really to make the eyes look more awake, and bright. Just taking shades from the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette, I only wanted a little colour on the lid, and a white matte on the inner corner to really make my eyes pop.

In the palette, take the shade ‘Freshly toasted’ and add a small amount across the entire lid. This is a gorgeous shade that is somewhere between a brown and maroon. After this, I added the shade ‘Bitter start’ on the inner corners.


Whilst I definitely need some help in the brow department, a wax or heavy brows didn’t really fit for this look. For both looks, a subtle brow to me is a much better, and if you have a long flight, easier to manage. Using the Urban Decay Brow box, I took the darker shade from the ‘Brown sugar box’ to add a little more colour to my brows, and again finished off with the Brow tamer gel.

Complete this look with a touch of mascara, before moving on to the lips.  I love the NYX more to love mascarabut your favourite mascara will be perfect.

img_3040Lastly for this look, I wanted a stand out lip. This is a great way to get excited for your holiday, particularly if you are heading to a hot country. A fun lip that you can’t really wear as often in the dreary UK weather is the perfect way to begin your holiday adventure.

For this look, take the NYX lip cream in shade ‘Antwerp’. Looking at the bottle you would not think it would be as bright as it is, so you have been warned. I actually really adore this colour, its fun, bright, and lasting.


I like to make sure my lips are not dry before applying this, so a small of amount of lip balm can really be a great help, as without it, the lip cream doesn’t always apply as smoothly.





Let me know your favourite look from the two.

Thank you for reading!




x x


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