Why Shyness isn’t a bad thing


I’ve often heard people describe me as quiet, shy, even timid now and again. Sometimes they say this as if I’ve never heard it before, others say it like it is something negative. I however, am quiet happy that to strangers, who don’t know me choose to describe me as quiet as opposed to a lot worse. But this negative connotation with quietness or shyness, really can get to me.

We all go through life with a variety of different people, whether in school, work, college, a dance class, or anything in between. But why does being the loudest person in room somehow make you a better person, or seen in a more positive light. Having a quiet voice doesn’t mean you have less confidence than others. Not wanting to share every detail about yourself to a stranger shouldn’t make people assume that they know you as a person or that you are shy in every part of your life. Extremely loud people, aren’t necessarily better, nor are they worse, so why does anyone who is a little more laid back or quiet get the short end of the stick?


Naturally I don’t speak very loud, but whether I am with strangers or friends I can happily ask questions, hold a conversation and not be ‘awkward’. But quiet is a way I have often been described as, and though I am happy in myself, I don’t like that others are made to feel bad for also being quiet or shy. Don’t get me wrong, if you are extremely unapproachable or shy, then it makes life a little harder in some circumstances. Such as job interviews, dating, making friends, but to turn someones personal traits into a bad thing is not fair.

If you find yourself a little more introverted, a little quieter and happy that way, I just want to say that no one should make you feel bad for this. Whether you are little nervous to meet new people, quiet in new social situations, or just feel a little safer in the back, trust me it’s ok to be that way. I have always been someone who can on occasion, take a little time to come out of my shell, but trust me it happens, and will happen for you. From a girl who could barely do a school presentation to a couple of years later finding herself in a dance off to win a quiz, trust me when I say as time goes on confidence comes. But in the meantime, if you feel more comfortable staying a little quieter, than don’t feel bad, be exactly who you are.




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