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A Sunday well spent can really shape your whole week. It’s no secret that when I’m not working, Sunday really is my favourite day. I love being able to sleep in a little later without feeling too guilty, having a leisurely breakfast, maybe even pancakes with oodles of coffee in bed. Sunday is just the perfect day to recharge.

One thing I really love are those few times when you can also use your day off, Sunday or not, to have a mini spa day to yourself and really give your skin a refresh as well as your mind. Caudalie is a well established and trusted brand. Everything about them about feels and looks luxurious. What better products to use for a day of indulgence in order to recharge the skin.

 Cleanse and clean 


The cleanser you choose really does depend on a number of factors.  Not only your skin type, but also what products really work for you too. I personally prefer a gentler cleanser, without it feeling like too much of a scrub or anything too harsh on my skin. The Caudalie cleansing milk is a perfect choice if a simpler, and gentle face wash is what you need. I have quite normal skin, which can sometimes be dry, and this cleanser is really beautiful. Not only does it have a perfect fresh scent without being overpowering but leaves the skin refreshed and clean, ready for the day ahead.


With this cleanser, you can take a cotton pad and apply it all over your skin, though I prefer to use my hands for this personally.

Leave the cleanser for a few minutes, with a gentle rubbing motion to ensure the face is clean. If you have a foreo, or cleansing brush than you can also use this. Rinse off the product, and your skin will be soft, beautiful and clean.

Mix and Mask 


No Sunday pamper session would be complete without a face mask. Not only do they offer beneficial properties for your skin, essential for keeping it glowing and healthy, but wearing a face mask also gives you a perfect excuse to take 10 to even 30 minutes of chill time whilst you let the mask do its work. A face mask is not something you need to do on a daily basis, therefore, when I do decide to use a mask, I really make the most of it. The Caudalie masks are perfect for an extra beauty boost to the skin.

 Moisturising Mask –  This mask intensely rehydrates and soothes dry skin. I am quite lucky with my skin, and the fact that most of the time, it is quite normal and blemish free. Occasionally it can become dry, so this is my favourite mask currently out of the three. It feels like a real treat, and very relaxing to wear for a few minutes. The result of this mask is a beautiful refreshed face, that has a much better brightness to it.




Glycolic Peel Mask – This was is ideal for anyone with a dull complexion needing an instant boost of radiance. This was the mask I was most intrigued about. A peel and a mask in one, I really wanted to give this a try. I wouldn’t say this is a mask to use weekly, as it feels like a real indulgence for the skin. Whilst effective, I think for myself, it would not be as successful to use this every week. Particularly as the moisturising mask is one I can see myself reaching for the most. This mask works very well however, in giving your skin that extra boost. With Autumn setting in, and the cold weather coming, I really think this will be a huge benefit to you during the transition to winter. Skin can become both dry and dull in colder weather, so this would definitely boost your skin and add back some much needed radiance.



Detox Mask – This is, as the name may suggest a purifying mask. Ideal for stressed skin, treating all forms of free radical damage. This mask leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft, which is something I love to see as a result of any mask. I can’t say it has much of a scent to it, but it really works for my skin, and I love the results. Unlike the Glycolic peel, I could easily use this mask on a weekly basis, maybe even twice a week. It is very refreshing for the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and new.



With Caudalie being a brand that has appealed to me for some time, I am thrilled that the products I purchased exceeded my expectations.



A great cleanser and mask really can make your skin feel completely refreshed. Though it isn’t quite the same as a professional facial, a little at home cleansing beauty treat on your day off can work just as well to boost your mood and give your skin a chance to breathe, and feel amazing.

Why not check out the Caudalie products and remember to treat your skin!

What do you like to do for a beauty indulgence?




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