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Today I wanted to talk more about my natural curly hair. I have touched briefly on this in a previous post here, but today I wanted to talk about why I love my curls and how I take care of them. I was actually inspired by seeing the Dove #Loveyourcurls campaign. As part of the campaign they asked young girls if they liked their natural hair, with many if not all saying no, and why they didn’t. I can completely relate.

Growing up my sister and I wanted nothing more than to have straight hair that we could easily brush, that wouldn’t become a knotted frizzy mess when we went to sleep, and hair that didn’t require our mum to use all her strength to brush through it. It was more than just managing our hair though. Growing up there weren’t a lot of easily accessible products for our hair type. Besides dark and lovely shampoo and conditioner we were pretty much screwed. I would try to wear cute bobbles with characters or bows on and they would get so tangled I had to cut them out, as we got older my sister and I both turned to getting our hair relaxed so that it would be easier to manage, and we hoped would turn it straight.

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Young and frizzy me… 🙂


I didn’t love my curls when I was younger because it was a struggle to even keep them looking like curls and less like a frizzy mop. I wanted to have hair like all of my friends, and even watching Sister, Sister we saw Tia and Tamera change from having curly hair to straight, and wanted the same thing. Of course both ladies have spoken up about how much they wish they didn’t damage their natural and beautiful curls, but for them I imagine they felt the same, especially growing up in front of a camera. It makes me so sad to see all of the girls in the Dove film to say why they don’t like their curls, because I know that’s how I felt as well. As I have gotten older, I have found better ways of managing my hair, though it does still annoy me, but who’s hair doesn’t! I have also come to love my hair whether it is straight or curly, though I don’t think there is anything wrong with loving your hair more a certain way. I know my sister prefers her hair straight, and if that’s what makes you feel your best than why not. I just don’t want anyone to hate their hair. Hate is such a strong word and a strong feeling, and to say you hate your natural self is a horrible feeling.

I am not someone who thinks no one should ever have a boob job, or botox or dye their hair or wear tons of makeup because it’s impossible to know why someone is doing those things. Some may do it for vanity, and some may do it for their own confidence issues, or they do it because it’s their right to, whatever the reason that is for them to know and only really their business.  I just want people to know that they are more than their insecurities. Even in the past couple of years when I haven’t felt like my curly hair was doing what I wanted it to, I would feel bad about myself, but surprisingly to me, I always get compliments on my curls, every time I have my hair natural. If I could talk to each of the girls from the Dove campaign I would just say that their curls are lovely just as they are, and to enjoy their hair like that whilst they are that age.


Everyone experiments with their look, it’s how we figure out what we like, dislike, to express ourselves and start to figure out our own self.

Taking care of my curls-



I have tried a few products for my curls, but I find that what works best is a really great leave in conditioner and scrunching my curls as I spray. I was obsessed with the coconut leave in conditioner from Boots, but they stopped producing it! 🙁 Though I do need to try an alternative they have which is the Coconut and Almond version here. In the mean time, I mix it up between products such as Twisted sista leave in spray, and Creightons Frizz no more.

Another go to product is of course Coconut oil! I have spoken about the uses of coconut oil previously, and the list is endless. You can grab some and put it on your ends, combine the oil with other natural ingredients for a mask, or leave it on overnight to nourish your hair. Curly or straight I love coconut oil.

Brushes and Tools:

I have used the same brushes for my hair for a number of years now. Back when I had my obsession with The Body shop, I slowly ended up buying all of their hair brushes, which I still use today. Though I don’t shop there anymore, I really do love their Bamboo brushes.


Besides products and tools I use, I also think a healthy diet can make all the difference. I’m not someone who really does a lot with my hair, maybe because it has taken so long to grow in length, I wasn’t able to much for a number of years. What  I do know, is that not getting those split ends trimmed, constantly having heat and excessive styling products will not do your hair any favours. Just taking of care of yourself is what will benefit your hair, as will the rest of your body 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone!

What do you love about your hair? Let me know in the comments.




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