The Tone it up challenge: Week 2 

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Well the second week of the tone it up challenge has come to an end, and I have to say that I have really found this week to be quite enjoyable!

They say that it takes 21 days to make something a new habit, and though it has only be 14 days so far, something about this week has really got me exciting and motivated to stay on the course. I am already looking forward to a lot of the meals for week 3 🙂

My meals in week 2


Over the course of this week, I found myself having to spend more time in the kitchen, as I didn’t do any meal prep on the Sunday (Bit of a mistake). It’s amazing how different a week can go just from having done prep beforehand, it really does make all the difference. However, besides the added cooking time, I definitely notcied that I snacked less than week one. This may just be due to my body adjusting to smaller portions, or just down to my mindset being more determined to do well. There was only two times I didn’t stick to the plan. I suddenly felt ill on my way home from work, to the point I almost had to exit the bus for fear of being sick. Luckily I made it home but I ended up having beans on toast a few hours later rather than what I was meant to have. I had no energy, I was dizzy and felt very weak. Thankfully I was back to normal the next day and the plan was back on track. Other than that, it was down to attending my cousin’s baby shower, when I had a hot chocolate and a few nibbles of chips and foods such as that, but I didn’t really think oh this is delicious, I was thinking about getting back to eating what is on the plan, which just shows how the challenge is already working. In the past if I had indulged in foods that weren’t so great, I would just think oh well, might as well carry on eating them now.

I know I still have 6 weeks left, but I am honestly surprised how motivated I am to wake up and workout, not break on the plan just for a quick fix of chocolate, or even revert back to old habits of giving up. As I write this post, my parents are discussing what to order from Just eat, but rather than be jealous or just order something with them, I would much rather stick to my meal plan, as I am so eager to see how I will feel and look by the end of the challenge 🙂

Week 3 meals all ready to go 🙂

Week 3 is also my last week in my current job, so lots of excitement and change is coming. My new job will start in week 4, so I want to make sure I prep even more as I adjust to new shifts, break patterns and eating times!

Let me know your biggest struggles when adjusting to a new plan or health kick

Thanks for reading everyone…




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