The Tone it up challenge: Week 3

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Hi everyone,

So week 3 of the challenge has come to an end and it’s been a bit of a mixed week! I’ve had one day when the plan just didn’t happen, but with a good reason I think 🙂 I’ve also had some alcohol, so though the week started strong I know I haven’t been perfect.

I started week 3 very motivated, and also enjoyed a hot yoga class on day 2. My meals were on point and I’ve really enjoyed the recipes this week. Though some meals were simple such as a protein smoothie, hummus and veg, I also got to try some new recipes such as a lovely vegetable stew. Friday was my last day in my job and so I did have a few goodbye drinks, two drinks to be specific so I didn’t really think that was too bad. As we know though, alcohol has a lot more calories than people often realise so I definitely don’t want to make a habit of drinking.

Getting ready for Yoga


Saturday was a very early start, as I was off on an adventure day. I stared off with a simple healthy breakfast, but as we were using a lot of energy abseiling, climbing back up the rocks, and then shooting I decided to make up for it with my lunch. We ate at a local pub and I had a veggie burger with chips. It did fill me up, and definitely felt better than a lighter meal of salad.

So Saturday definitely didn’t stick to the plan, but I’m ok with that. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to burn out. As we were being active I didn’t feel too bad but the next day the plan was firmly back in place. This is what I am proud of actually, even if I have slightly gone off course I haven’t just stopped completely, today will be back to meal prep, exercise and set meals on the plan. 🙂

I’m looking forward to getting through week 4 and reaching the half way point to see where I am.

Thanks for reading everyone, see you next week for the half way point!





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