The importance of beauty tools and maintaining their quality

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So today I wanted to spend some time talking about the beauty tools we use, rather than the actual makeup and skin products. This is something that we are probably all guilty of neglecting, but so important.


The experts teach us to replace our makeup regularly to make sure it hasn’t expired, to never share our masacra with others due to bacteria etc, and to wash our brushes regularly. But does this happen? Not always. I know I am guilty of putting off washing my makeup brushes, whether I makeup an excuse why or just forget, neglecting the tools we use could also mean we are neglecting our skin in the long run. As with anything that doesn’t receive regular upkeep, the tools will become dirty, potentially bacteria ridden and eventually unusable.

So what are the most common beauty tools we use and how can we keep them fresh? Read on below:


The most important thing is probably to clean your tweezers! After every use, you should be cleaning your tweezers. Whether this is with a little cotton bud or some rubbing alcohol. Another important tip is to keep your tweezers sharp. Now you can do this yourself, or even get someone to do this for you, I think Tweezerman offer sharpening for free with their products.As well as this, you need to check that they are still in good condition, sharp and working. Blunt tweezers are the devil!

Makeup Brushes

The most important tool in your makeup bag! Without keeping your brushes in order, your makeup can get damaged, you may struggle to apply it easily and you can lead to spreading germs throughout your makeup bag. How? By not cleaning your brushes. We are all guilty of putting off doing this, but it is so important to keep your make up brushes clean. Think about those times when you have had a breakout of spots, or maybe you even let your friend borrow your brush, all of these things lead to bacteria on your brush. We can sometimes go months of applying and reapplying this same bacteria onto our face, into our foundation or powder and on to our makeup sponge. It is essential to make sure your makeup brushes are clean. This is the same reason we must replace our masacra and eye-shadows regularly.


Pencil Sharpener

What is an eyebrow/ eyeliner sharpener good for if it is not clean and in good condition? Useless

As someone who frequently uses an eyebrow pencil, I know how important a pencil sharpener is. So much so, I actually have two! One for my makeup bag and one for my room. That way if I need to sharpen on the go or say after the gym, I am always prepared. It is really important to empty the sharpener, keep it clean, again from past uses of the pencil and t make sure it is still sharp. If not then it is time to invest in a new one. There is nothing worse than trying to sharpen your pencil and it ends up breaking, over and over again.

Eyelash Curler

Now an eyelash curler is quite easy to keep in good condition. A simple cleaning after use should keep it fresh and free from any old residue that may be on it. In terms of use, you just need to make sure that the actual pads or rubber of the curler is in good condition, luckily these can be replaced, therefore you won’t need to buy a new curler at all.

Thanks for reading everyone! How do you take care of your makeup and beauty tools?




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