Review: Eylure Brow Pencil

Hey Everyone,

So as mentioned in a recent post, I did some impulse buying recently. Whilst I was in Superdrug I decided to purchase a new eyebrow pencil as mine were on their last legs. I am a fan of the eylure brand, and when I saw that their products were available I knew I had to give them a go. I picked up the Eylure Brow pencil (No.10- Dark brown). This pencil is double ended so has a brow brush as well.

I really love this pencil already, maybe because it is so sharp and precise, and my older ones were not looking so good, by the end! But honestly, the colour is a great match for me, it applies easily and the brush is also good quality and is perfect for shaping the brows before I fill them in.


I still use the body shop brow kit, but a good quality pencil is necessary to outline where you want to fill in the brow, and of course to get those sharp and precise lines. The Eylure pencil is ideal for this, the pencil itself is a great shade, and I found that I got a clean line straight away.

There is nothing worse to me when doing my brows, then to have a smudged up brow line, due to pencil not being sharp or good quality anymore. I have yet to sharpen the pencil so I can’t say whether it is easily breakable, but as my past Eylure brow pen was so good, I have no doubt this will sharpen fine, and remain a great product, I would definitely buy this again.


Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know your go to brow products are.





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