Water: Hydrate with fresh summer flavours!

Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to do a quick post about how to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day, without it being boring and tasteless. Now I am someone who can drink water all day long, and not really mind. However, I know some people love their fruit juices, others are fizzy drink addicts and there are the hot drinks people. Tea and coffee all day long! I used to be a bit of a Lorelai Gilmore myself, but cut back on the coffee mainly due to the fact I didn’t want to end up hooked on it or stain my teeth (I am a black coffee lover). Though I don’t mind drinking water, that doesn’t mean I am always thrilled to have the same none existent taste.

This is why I wanted to post some really simple things you can do so spice up your water, and actually enjoy drinking it. We can buy flavoured water, but why not make it yourself, and create an endless amount of flavours right from your own home!

You can really add anything you want to water, in order  to make it taste better. Just start chopping your favourite fruits and combine to your hearts desires. Below I have listed my current favourite flavours, that are sweet, refreshing and tasty! So lets start hydrating guys!

Kiwi and Lime

Kiwi and lime is a great one to try, a slightly more subtle taste, but still refreshing. Cut a few slices of Kiwi, you can leave the peel on if you want, but keep in mind this will be left in the water too so you may want to peel it, if you are leaving the water overnight. With the lime you want slightly less slices than the kiwi, but squeezing in a little lime juice is also a great idea.


Strawberry and mint

I think this is one everyone should try. I’m not usually a fan of mint, but combined with the strawberry it really is a great flavour. It’s also a great way to use any leftover strawberries you have before they need to thrown away. A sprig or two of mint is fine, but it depends on how much mint you can tolerate 🙂 Slice the strawberries and drop into your glass or jug. Mix well and leave the flavours to sink into the water.


Orange and lemon

Oranges and lemons is a nursery rhyme for a reason! You have the tangy flavour of the lemon, combined with the sweet orange taste. You can even squeeze some orange juice into the water for a little extra sweetness. For this one you can add slices or chunks of orange into this. Again peeling the rind off is an option, especially with chunks, but I happen to like the way slices look.

Mix in the combinations you choose, allow the flavours to seep into the water, I would say at least an hour, or overnight in the fridge. Finish off with ice if needed and enjoy!

Drinking water is essential. Yes we need it to stay hydrated, but water helps your skin and hair look their best, it is essential for your body and lets face it juices and fizzy drinks may taste great but you should be drinking water throughout the day and having these other options a few times a week or even less if you can.


Let me know how you make sure to drink more water!





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