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Hi everyone,

I wasn’t planning on writing a post today but I feel quite strongly about this topic so just wanted to get some of my thoughts out.

You have probably heard all the talk about the killing of Cecil the lion. There have been a lot of tweets, articles and anger about this story, and that is exactly my thoughts on the matter. I am angry. It’s such a horrible thing to even think about to me. The fact that Cecil was led away and lured out of his home, because that’s what it was, his home. Cecil was then shot and left to suffer for up to 40 hours, before being skinned and beheaded, which is just disgusting to me. Today it has also been reported that his brother, Jericho was shot and killed leaving the females and Cubs alone and very much in danger.  This story is horrible, and unfortunately too common.

Animal rights is something close to my heart, and the idea that anyone would pay any amount of money to kill one of these amazing creatures just baffles me. It really does. I understand what some have said regarding why the countries accept this money and allow these hunts to happen, but just in terms of why you would find this enjoyable truly has me stumped. I don’t enjoy seeing any animal or human in pain,  and I cannot find a reasonable explanation as to why you would want to hurt another living creature, when they are innocent. This is something I believe in and why I became a vegetarian, I did not like the idea of any animal dying for me.  It stories like Cecil and Jericho’s that really make me wonder about the people we are. I may not be a hunter, I may not encourage animal cruelty, but I certainly don’t do enough to stop it either. There are so many worthy causes to get behind, and I think people often argue that one is more important than the other. But that isn’t what is important. If we used half the effort we do arguing on Facebook about which cause is more important to actually help, just think what we could do. What’s important is talking about these issues, making ourselves heard and fighting to stop it in the future.

Do protests always work? No do online petitions always get heard? Maybe not. But if we stay quiet things will only get worst. We now live in a world where it’s a too common to see a homeless person on the street, to hear another story of a mass shooting or hear about a heinous attack on innocent people. We have slowly become more and more selfish as time goes on, and far more focused on ourselves. You look around you and can see a large majority of people glued to their phones, taking selfie’s at inappropriate times, discussing nothing but reality TV or what’s happening on the soaps, they are almost numb to their surroundings.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days I look at my phone a lot too. There are times when I just relax and watch DVDs, there is nothing with doing what makes you happy, but I think we could all do more to protect our planet. We need to take an interest, not only in the city we live in but the issues facing our country and the rest of the world.

Over the election campaign here in the UK everyone made their voice heard, who they wanted to vote for and why we should all take the time to vote. Why only then? We should continue to know what is happening, what decisions are being made and how that will impact our futures.  After hearing Cecil’s story I started thinking about animal rights and the other issues that really sadden me to see happening. I know my blog is usually just for fun and beauty related, but I’m passionate about making positive changes and hopefully helping this world be a better place for the future.

Thank you for reading everyone. I don’t want to annoy or anger anyone with my views, but hopefully we can all be motivated to campaign and stand up for whatever cause we believe in.




*Photo credit- Ricky Gervais Twitter


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