Sending out a little love…

I just wanted to send a little love out into the world for everyone right now. This is a weird, strange and scary time in the world. But hopefully we get through it quickly and with kindness. I am currently working from home, and staying in as much as possible. Hopefully those who can, are doing the same. But during this time, I also wanted to highlight some ways I am keeping busy and also ways we can make the most of our time at home. Whilst it is particularly scary for the people working on the frontline and those with underlying health issues, I hope that we can all at least use this time indoors to our advantage.

Here are some of the ways I am spending my free time:

  • Reading – As you have seen from my little book club with my friend, I try to read throughout the year and as much as possible. As I have been studying and completing my Level 3 accounts course, my reading has taken a bit of a back seat. Now my course is finished (results pending), I am using this time to get back to reading again and getting this book club revived


  • Exploring new hobbies– Another area I wanted to explore more is learning a language. I did keep up with my Duolingo to get me started, but again, work life took over and my course revision did too. Now I want to challenge myself and see what else I can learn. Drawing and art in general is also something I love to do, so I am picking up my sketch pad and even a few watercolours and making the most of my free time. Besides this, I have also been playing my piano a little more too.


  • Embrace the time with family and friends– I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have plans. whether thats been studying or plans with friends, obligations you need to attend etc. But now we have no choice but to stay in, this is a perfect opportunity. Spend more time talking with whoever you are isolating with, and use facetime or zoom to reconnect with others that you may not get to see as often. I think this is again a perfect time to actually talk more to those in your life, maybe ease off scrolling on instagram all day, or even watching too much of the news and embrace this chance to catch your breathe.


  • Exercise – This is playing a vital role for so many people right now. Being unable to go to the gym or a class is challenging for a lot of people. For most of us, exercise is more than just looking good or staying fit. It’s a way to unleash tension, to boost your mood and to focus on yourself for a while. As I am working from home, I have become more aware of how much I will be sitting down, and not moving as much as I should. Exercise is a priority for me, and one I want to stay motivated to do during this time. It’s very easy to sit around at home, eat snacks and not think twice about moving. But now more than ever is the time to get up, even for 10 minutes and do something to move your body. There are some great online options, you can just dance around to some music to boost your mood, and I have even seen a lot of personal trainers using facebook and instagram to keep people moving. Natalie from Barre Balance has also released an online membership option so there really is no excuse!

These are just a few ways I am keeping busy. But let’s also try and enjoy our time in, sleep in a little longer, treat yourself to boost your mood and stay in touch with the people you love. Especially those that have to isolate alone. There are days that will just do nothing, or just watch netflix, that is ok too! But where possible I am trying to use my time to do all those little things I never seem to make a priority.

What are you doing to keep busy? Let me know in the comments.


Stay safe and stay in where possible.




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