Little Love Book Club: Unexpected Lesson in Love


So this is a book club post with a difference, since Vanille and I haven’t been able to meet up, we’ve found ourselves taking a little break from reading the same book and just reading whatever takes our fancy. I found this particular book when I was shopping in the supermarket and as I read a Lucy Dillon book before, I trusted it would be a good read.

This book ‘Unexpected lessons in love’ introduces us to Jeannie Mccarthy. It is her wedding day, yet as the car is approaching the church, Jeannie realises she doesn’t want to marry Dan (who seems to be the perfect man she always dreamed of). This book takes us through a journey, not only with Jeannie, but through a journey of all the friends and family we meet along the way, as well. This book is as it says, it explores love in so many different ways.

Whether romantic love, friendship, family, the love of a pet, unrequited love and unexpected love too. I found this a really enjoyable read and some parts of it certainly surprised me too. One thing I also love about Lucy Dillon, is that with every book, Lucy includes dogs in some way. Whether a pet for her character, including charities or organisations devoted to dogs or in the case of this book, a vets and dog rescue. I love this about Dillon, it’s a charming way to easily identify her books and as someone who loves dogs, it’s a welcome addition to each book. We meet several canine friends in this book and you really feel a love for them by the end as well.

When I enjoy a book, it most certainly has a lot to do with how much I like the characters. It was easy to root for Jeannie as well as the people she meets along the way. This book was just what I needed at the moment. It made me smile, cry and come away from reading it filled with appreciation for the love I have in my life from friends and family.

This book was a joy to read and one I could easily pick up again soon.

What have been some of your go to books during isolation? Let me know below!


Book rating – 10/10

Recommend – Yes!

Read again – Definitely




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