Turning 30…

I am one of those strange people who has always been excited about turning 30, rather than dreading it. More often than not, you hear so many people not wanting to hit their 30’s, but I have always looked forward to it. Not because I enjoy getting older as such, but really it’s down to what others say happens after they turn 30.

It seems as though your 30’s are a time in your life that you really start to enjoy being you, without excuse or apology. Some people of course are just blessed to have an abundance of confidence from a young age and know who they are at that age. But for most of us, that’s what our teenage years and are 20’s are for. So by the time 30 hits, you have gone through a lot of ups and downs; perhaps pretending to be something you aren’t because you want to ‘fit in’; you will have also lost friends, gained new ones, dated people, broken up, had shit jobs, amazing jobs, perhaps travelled the world, met your soul mate, or maybe your 20’s were just plain old confusing.

Whatever your experience is, you grow a lot as a person and you change a lot as well. So as the countdown to turning 30 is upon me, I wanted to take a little time to say good bye to my 20’s, because they have been bloody amazing!

“Enjoy yourself, thats what your 20’s are for. Your 30’s are to learn the lessons. Your 40’s are to pay for the drinks…” – Carrie Bradshaw

My 20’s have been a wonderful mixture of great times, with a few tough moments along the way. I always say I was a late bloomer in several ways. Not that I ever think of myself as shy, but I can be reserved at first with new people. I can happily talk to anyone and make conversation in most any situation, but in my 20’s I was in my head a lot more. I think things changed for me when I started my job in the Odeon cinema, which technically I was still a few months away from turning 20 when I started. But that job really changed my life. I gained so many wonderful friends, I felt myself becoming more relaxed and not thinking about everything before I spoke. I started to go on nights out more….(a lot more) and had fun near enough every time I had a shift. The memories I have from working there will stay with me forever, as will the many friends I have because of that job! It gave me far more confidence and those friends I made really filled my life with joy, then and now.

Of course part of growing up and living life includes working in jobs that aren’t always as fun. The reason I started this blog in fact, was due to me needing a break from a job I really wasn’t enjoying anymore. This was my escape from the stress of that job. But being in job roles or companies you don’t enjoy, is part of figuring out what you do want to do with your life and in your career. I’ve had retail jobs, office jobs, 9-5 roles, as well as jobs that saw me finish at 1am sometimes. All of these roles haven’t been something I am passionate about, but it has helped me see where my strengths are and what I actually enjoy. Part of your 20’s and your 30’s too will be finding something you like, you are good at and if you are really lucky, something you love to do. I’m still figuring out my career, but I know what goals I want to reach and that’s a good place to start.

During my 20’s is also when I had my first kiss. Which seems in some ways to be quite late, but I distinctly remember always wanting my first kiss to be something I would never forget, and with someone I really liked. (I can thank a Mary-kate and Ashley show for that idea!) But honestly, I love that I remember everything about that first kiss. I remember how excited I was to tell my friends, I remember how happy I felt in that moment and I do remember it as being with someone I really liked, and I will always smile if I think about that. I’ve come a long way since that moment, and yes of course your 20’s can bring some heartbreak or someone wonderful into your life. I have met some very special people, but it’s definitely hurt when they are no longer around. Thankfully my best friends really are the best of the best and I always say they are the real soul mates in my life.

But besides trying to understand what goes on in the minds of the opposite sex, overall my 20’s have been unbelievably fun. I have memories with my friends and family that make me smile or cry with laughter just thinking about them. My 20’s brought some amazing people into my life and I can’t imagine life without them in it. Of course there will always be tough times that come along with life. I have had reminders along the way of just how short life really is. I’ve lost family members unexpectedly, we’ve said goodbye to family pets, even a few friends that come and go from your life and of course having a broken heart. But regardless of the hurt that comes along with life, I know that as my birthday hits, when I look back at my 20’s I will smile.

My 20’s saw me become an auntie again, dancing stupidly in clubs (still do occasionally); drinking too much, worrying too much, trusting too easily, laughing too loudly, wasting my money, making interesting fashion choices, not being kind to myself, crying sad tears, crying with laughter, missing people, not respecting myself enough, eating too much pizza, being selfish, getting wiser, standing up for myself, studying hard, laughing at my own jokes too often and filling my heart with amazing, beautiful people and wonderful memories.


I welcome my 30’s with open arms, but I will miss my 20’s… just a little bit 🙂





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