Out of office…

So my lack of blog posts hasn’t gone unnoticed to myself, believe me! But I have just returned from a family trip to Jamaica! It’s a beautiful place to take a break and I loved it. 

The thing about finally slowing down, is you actually have to time to catch up with yourself, think properly, sleep and relax. After a few months of being pretty busy and struggling to keep a good balance of work, studying and enjoying life, it’s been nice to hit the reset button. I know I will be busy now that I have returned home, but this trip was definitely a reminder just how important it is to make time for yourself to do nothing, take a few extra deep breathes and truly relax.

I’m quite good of keeping time back for me to catch a breathe, but a two week holiday really elevates just how busy we allow ourselves to get. So whilst my trip is almost over, I wanted to write a little post to remind my readers, and myself to always make time to check in with how you are feeling, do something just for you at least once a week and always put in the time to take care of you. You’ll be a better person for it!





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