Rough handmade

The Autumn season is upon us and before we know it, winter won’t be far behind. If there was ever a time for you to take morning stroll for a hot coffee and a fresh, buttery pastry… it would be now. Lucky for you lovely readers, I have the perfect place.

For a while now I have wanted to take a trip to the fabulous Rough hand made bakery, and I finally took the plunge after doing a lot of Instagram stalking haha. So on a cold Tuesday morning, I headed in to the bakery before the croissants were even out of the oven.  My work friends and I grabbed a hot drink, sat near the large windows and took in the calm views whilst we waited for the pastries.

Part of the many appeals for this bakery, is that the location is also one of my favourite places in the city. It’s beautiful no matter what time of day, but this particular morning, it was lovely to see the docks so calm and to take in the view of the boats.

Though the main appeal for me is the beautiful array of sweet croissants, Rough hand made does offer a wide variety of fresh pastries, savoury lunch options, sandwiches, fresh bread and  the perfect drinks to accompany your choices.

I went with the classic chocolate croissant to begin my day, but the blueberries and cream cheese was very, very tempting (I’ll save that for next time). I would definitely recommend for lunch as well, as the spinach and feta pastry was delicious.

So whether you are visiting Liverpool for the day or you need a new choice for your regular breakfast or lunch spot, why not give this beautiful bakery a try.




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