It’s never too late to make a difference

Lately I’ve become obsessed. Not with a certain type of food, not with a tv show, but with podcasts. A certain type of podcast actually. Crime investigation and the wrongfully convicted. This all started with a tweet from Kim Kardashian, talking about an old podcast called Serial. This was a podcast exploring a case from 1999 of the awful murder of a young girl named Hae min Lee. I won’t go into detail, but listening to serial I was shocked that the man they put on trial was actually convicted and is still in prison today. Listening to Serial lead me to then continue with this case from another podcast called Undisclosed. This was a far more in-depth and informative look at the case, discussed by three lawyers, one of which is a close friend of the convicted Adnan. The final podcast I then listened to is a podcast called Truth and justice, this one in particular is a favourite of mine. What started as a fan podcast slowly turned into the podcast creator Bob Ruff choosing to continue exploring other cases for the wrongfully convicted full-time. Bob quit his job and has been looking into several cases since, even helping to have someone released on parole. I won’t spoil the cases in revealing too much, but I find what Bob has created and is doing is very inspirational! He’s passionate about helping the wrongfully convicted, and involves all his listeners to help investigate and solve these crimes.

From continuing to listen to the podcast and others, it has inspired me to always explore more of what interests me. You always think that you can’t really make much difference when it comes to what is happening in the world, but Bob is proving that even what starts as just being a little interested, can turn into you really making a difference. These podcasts inspire me to explore more of what I want to do, and remind me that one person may not solve the problem, but they can start a movement and inspire others.

Aside from how this discovery of these podcasts has inspired me, I strongly urge other to listen and hear just how crazy and in some cases corrupt the justice system can be. It really opens your eyes to the justice system in general and educates people to dig a little further instead of taking things you are told as fact and truth. I love that Bob doesn’t explore things in a one-sided way. He weighs up all possibilities and suspects, before coming to a conclusion. This is a great podcast to get involved with. I just wanted to write a little post to show some love to the many amazing podcasts out there. I was very late to the Serial fan club, but I’m so happy I hit play. Had it not been for that podcast, Bob Ruff never would have started his own, and in doing so, he has helped solve or contribute to new investigation into cases that are over 20 years old. That’s pretty amazing!

Never underestimate that a hobby or interest could lead to something amazing!





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