The Beauty staples I can’t live without


Beauty trends come and go, we can’t seem to go a few weeks without something new and revolutionary flooding our Instagram or Twitter feed. As tempting as it is to want to try them all, it would be virtually impossible to keep up with it all. Rather than blog constantly about what’s trending, I really wanted to focus on beauty staples I love and that I can’t seem to replace. These are the routines, beauty products , skin care or a trend that has stood the test of time.


Red Lipstick

If you want to talk about a beauty staple, then you can’t get much better or more classic than a red lip. As ubiquitous as the little black dress, we have probably seen every shade of red possible. Yet somehow, the ultimate, juicy red lip never goes out of style. No matter how many different outfits I pair it with, no matter what shade, I always feel a little extra something when wearing red lipstick. Whether pairing with a sexy dress, brightening up jeans and a top, or any of the many other looks possible, red lipstick really can complete any outfit and make anyone who wears it feel stunning.

If I could only wear one lip colour for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be red.


Now highlighter is something that I didn’t immediately jump to using. Though I love how highlighter can finish off a look, it was just not something high on my list to try (I was living a sheltered life of basic makeup once upon a time). After trying a few highlighters I took a while to actually find one I truly liked. I didn’t want to be a lightbulb of brightness but rather have that lovely glow. I don’t think I really found that until Rhianna brought out her fabulous range Fenty beauty. I know there are a lot of highlighters on the market and granted I haven’t tried them all, but for me Fenty has such a great range for every skin tone.

Besides the Fenty beauty range ( Duo – Girl next door/ Chic phreak is my choice). There are times when a subtle highlighter is also what I prefer. A great one is the RMS Beauty luminizer that is a very light but beautiful highlighter, that is very natural on the skin.


Fake Lashes

Now lashes are something that I don’t wear all too often, it’s usually when I have a big night out or event planned such as a wedding or a family party. Yet I love how fake lashes can really complete a look! Anyone who has worn them or even has semi-permanent lashes will know this. It’s actually something I do want to start wearing more often, because it just really adds something to your finished look.

That being said, I also prefer natural looking lashes rather than crazy long or thick lashes. Eyelure have a great set in volume size 101 which are a gorgeous full lash, without being too dramatic. I recently found a great website that supplies a great range of lashes from so many brands. What’s also great is the site also offers free 1st class delivery. I recently used them for a birthday celebration I was attending and tried the eyelure lashes, I also have another pair to try from Red cherry, which I’m excited to see how they look. I think everyone needs a great pair of lashes in their beauty draw to have on hand. I’m not quite sure about semi-permanent ones for me personally, so lashes you can remove and reuse are the perfect for me now.

Eye drops and Eye mask

Eye drops are very much a part of my beauty routine! A few months ago, when I attended an appointment for an eye test, I was told I actually had dry eyes, very bad dry eyes! I was given a mask to use that I could heat up, eye gel and eye drops. It’s surprising to me that I didn’t realise how dry my eyes were. I spend five days a week sitting at a computer at work, as well as my own laptop at home, my phone, watching TV, all of this will put a strain on your eyes. Add in weather as well, and it wouldn’t shock me if most people these days had dry eyes.

The eye mask is not something I need to use as often as first recommended which was twice a day, but I do like to use it a few times a week. It’s actually a nice treat. For ten minutes I have this lovely warm eye mask on, listen to a little music and just relax whilst it works its magic. The warmth of the mask is used to help unblock the Meibomian gland. If the gland is blocked, then the eyes will not have the essential oil needed to help our tears wet the eye enough and for long enough. The eye drops of course are used throughout the day to help keep your eyes from drying out and overtime will hopefully improve any long-term issues.

Face oil

Another recent addition to my beauty routine in the last few months has been face oil. I had wanted to try a face oil for months, but could never decide what oil I wanted to invest in until finally choosing the beautiful L’occitane Immortelle divine oil. I have loved introducing a face oil to my night-time beauty routine. It is something that not only feels like a little night-time treat, but I truly believe it has helped improve my skin a lot. Back when I purchased this oil, I felt as though my skin was getting a little dull and drying out easily. This oil, along with some other skin care has really started to brighten my skin. Yes it is pricey, but this oil is probably one of my favourite parts of my night-time routine, and it has lasted me nearly a year. This is due to the fact that a little goes a long way, and of course some nights I may decide to just use a moisturiser.

I would advise everyone to at least look into the benefits of using a facial oil in your routine, as I truly love it. Most likely I will get a new supply soon and I may even try a new oil and see what else is on the market. but if you aren’t sure, I would say give L’Occitane a visit and ask the staff as they are extremely helpful every time.


The cheapest staple I need and the most important is water!

Usually I am pretty good at drinking enough water in a day. When I manage to drag my butt to the gym I most definitely drink a good amount before the day has even fully begun. In work I have a large bottle that I fill up twice during the day, and by that point I don’t really need much more after work. However, at the weekend, I seem to become a little less reliable in making sure I drink enough. If I fall off the water wagon even for a day, I notice. Drinking water has never been an issue for me, but sometimes changing it up a little can help you get the water intake you need. If I need a little change I will have more herbal teas, maybe a coffee or two and now and again flavoured water. As the weather is getting a little colder, a gorgeous fruit or herbal tea is the perfect way to stay hydrated.

Not drinking enough water has such a huge impact on your body. Of course you will be dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and it can give you side effects such headaches. When you drink enough water, it most definitely shows in every aspect of your body, in particular for me my skin always looks at its best when I am drinking enough water.


What are your beauty favourites?





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