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So it’s not often I pay attention to the adverts I see on facebook or Instagram, but one particular one caught my eye and after a few weeks of looking at the website and reviews I decided to see if the hype was real. This advert was for Function of beauty, a company that specialises in personalised shampoo and conditioner. I was a little skeptical at first, but I really wanted to try as my hair had been annoying me at the time. My hair has never really been a high priority for me, which means whilst I can have a good hair day,  it’s not always in a great condition. As someone who naturally has curly hair, of course there is some heat damage from when I chose to straighten it, I always had a number of split ends and it just felt a bit lack lustre.

So I found myself on the function of beauty website and I decided to give it a go. Function of beauty begins with a hair quiz. It asks for your hair type, structure and scalp moisture. You then move on to select what your hair goals are, you can select up to five. It was actually really fun going through this process, and I was excited to see if the products actually helped my hair at all. Going through the quiz felt like a real treat and like I was creating a little spa day for my hair.

After selecting your hair goals, you then get to customise your shampoo and conditioner, which is probably the best part. You can choose the colour of each product and they don’t have to be the same. After choosing the colours, you then have a choice to pick a fragrance for the product or whether you want it fragrance free. I chose Feeling Fineapple because it is a mix of coconut and pineapple and if anyone knows me, they know my favourite cocktail is a Pina colada, so this was a perfect scent for me!

Lastly you choose the size you want and whether you would like to subscribe to a regular delivery. I actually think Function of beauty has thought of something really great as well when it comes to the sizing. You can choose 8oz or 16oz bottles, but not only can you pick the same size bottle for both your conditioner and shampoo, you can mix and match. I for one always use more conditioner, so being able to buy a small shampoo and a large conditioner is great. You can buy the products just once or subscribe for every month, every 2 months or 3 months. You also have the option to add their travel bottles as well.

I found that whilst the products are expensive, it is fairly justified as this is a mix unique for your hair. I found that delivery was actually really quick, and I loved the box it arrived in. One thing I noticed through some reviews from repeat customers, is that the company does seem to use the same packaging each time for repeat orders, that are part of the subscription option. This to me is a little annoying because we shouldn’t need all of that packaging each time. Its wasteful and as we know, the earth really needs a lot of help when it comes to how much waste we are disposing of. I did order the extra travel bottles and bobbles, so it’s not clear if the large box arrives each time, but I would hope not.

Despite maybe some excessive packaging for repeat customers, I have to say that I really love how the items arrived as a first time customer. It’s personalised with the nickname you choose for your shampoo and conditioner. The colour of the box is bright and lovely, and as soon as I opened it I was really excited. Included is also a little run through of the hair goals you selected, further information on function of beauty and basically a guide on how to use the products and a recommendation of how often.

Now they did recommend I should use the products around three times a week. This could just be down to them wanting you to buy more product or based on the goals I selected, so I get the best result. However, as I do have naturally afro curly hair, I can go a good while without needing to wash my hair. Usually once a week is my choice, but I could leave it a while longer and it wouldn’t be much different. For that reason, I have found that the shampoo and conditioner have lasted a long time, I would probably need the products delivered every two or three months, if I were to subscribe.

Overall I am really pleased with the products. I love the travel bottles! They are genius and perfect for my gym bag, and the bobbles are also great for the gym too, I love them! For the actual shampoo and conditioner, I was also pleasantly surprised. My hair goals were geared towards my hair when it is curly, however I have some common problems whether my hair is straightened or natural. I wanted help with split ends, as I always find that is something I struggle with, as well as my hair being a little dry. My first time using the products, I let my hair dry naturally just to see how it looked and I found that my hair was easy to brush through with my fingers, the curls looked defined and I really was happy with how it looked especially without any styling products. The same can be said for when my hair is straight also. I have found that my goals for more shine and deep conditioning have definitely been met. My hair is shiny, smoother, has far less frizz and is soft to touch. It’s hard to put a comparison photo, as it is more noticeable for myself and in how my hair feels when styling and brushing it, but it definitely feels like the best condition it’s been in for a long time!

The big question I suppose is would I continue using the products?

I absolutely would, however I would like to see with regards to the excessive packaging and how wasteful it is. The fact that the company is based in America also makes it slightly less appealing, but the shipping seems to be great rate and they even offer free shipping when you subscribe.  What makes me keen to keep using the products is the fact that my hair feels and looks so great! I need to use less products because my hair problems have really improved. Given the price, I would probably by a big bottle of each and let it last, to get my money’s worth. But if you are someone who needs to wash your hair two or three times a week, I’m sure how cost-effective this is. We are in a world where we can buy shampoo and conditioner for as little as £1, so this is a big commitment to your budget. The changes I have seen, do make this a worthy product for the price tag, but I know it won’t be for everyone

Has anyone ever tried a product they’ve seen from a facebook or instagram add?



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