Term Time Wardrobe: Perfect pieces for a Student budget

It seems like New Years day was just yesterday, the year has gone by so quickly already and now we are fast approaching the autumn season, colder days and darker nights. Autumn is probably my favourite season, I love that it gets colder and we can start putting the winter hats back on, drinking an extra coffee or two to stay warm (any excuse), but something about when September comes, it also makes me think about everyone returning to school or heading to university, because as much as I loved the summer break, I also loved preparing to head back to studying. Whether that was buying a new pencil case for school, a bigger bag, or of course all of the university books I needed for the start of the course, I really loved planning! The exciting thing for university of course is that you get to become a lot more independent, learn more about yourself and especially express yourself in different ways. Away from uniforms, clothes are a huge part of showing your personality and expressing yourself. Of course there are days in university when an oversized hoodie, some comfy pants and possibly even forgetting to brush your hair is the style for the day. But even with a student budget, you can find some great pieces to create looks to see you through all of term time.


Stylish studying

Though September begins to signal the beginning of the colder days, the lecture room isn’t always the same. Often they are a little too cosy, the radiators are turned high, the seat becomes a little too comfy and before you know it you may find yourself getting a little sleepy. Therefore, layers can be a great way to dress for lectures. This pinafore dress is perfect for sunny day or as winter weather comes. Layered underneath can be a t-shirt or jumper and right away you have a cute outfit that looks effortless. I personally love cardigans, and this oversized grey cardigan is a perfect way to make this outfit a little more casual for daytime and ultra comfortable.

I love that there are so many ways you can style a pinafore, it makes a nice change from a classic skirt, and can mean you are able to wear it in a lot of different ways. As the weather gets colder, paired with tights, this pinafore can be worn throughout the term. This is a comfortable outfit for a lecture room, studying in the library or just for a quick coffee break.


PrettyLittleThing / www.prettylittlething.com / Baby pink denim pinafore

Micha lounge / www.michalounge.com / Chunky cardigan

New Look / www.newlook.com / Similar boots

Daytime to Evening 

A great part of student life is also what happens between lectures. There is always something happening, events, bar crawls, clubs for your interests and just time to socialise. Sometimes having an adaptable outfit you can take from day to night is essential. What better way to transition from class to drinks, then with a pair of jeans! Now I am more of a skirt or dresses kind of girl, but even I can’t deny that sometimes you just need a good pair of jeans. They are very adaptable to whatever the occasion and perfect for taking your look from day to night. Whilst a classic denim pair of jeans is always great and goes great with almost any heels, I love trying new styles as well. I really want to grab some pink jeans in the future, but as we are heading into Autumn, I thought a black pair of jeans would be perfect for Autumn, right through to next year as it gets colder.


I am also a little obsessed with this polka dot bodysuit! It works so well with the black jeans, and could easily work with just about anything else. For the daytime, I loved the contrast of the denim jacket and the black. I also love that this outfit can be worn in a casual way with just a baker boy cap thrown on, or dressed up with some heels, boots and a little red lipstick! Later on I paired the bodysuit with a leather look jacket and some boots and just like that my outfit was ready for night time. Quick and simple changes are great so that you can spend less time worrying what to wear and more time enjoying yourself. Last minute plans are usually the ones that work out as the most memorable, so having outfits you can adapt easily is always a good idea.


PrettyLittleThing / www.prettylittlething.com / Straight leg black jeans

Reserved / www.reserved.com / Similar denim jacket

PrettyLittleThing / www.prettylittlething.com / Polka dot bodysuit

Topshop / www.topshop.com / Similar leather look jacket

PrettyLittleThing / www.prettylittlething.com / Black baker boy cap


Downtime chic

Even if you are just spending your time between lectures relaxing at home or in your halls, this doesn’t mean you can’t still look great. Clothes that are adaptable for a number of outfits are perfect for university life, as the last thing you want to do is spend too much on a lot of clothes. This flute sleeve bodysuit is comfortable enough to wear whilst studying at home, or for dressing up to head out for drinks. I love that its lightweight enough for sunny days, whilst still being able to be layered with a cute jacket for the colder months.

Of course what else is better for a lazy day in your room or hanging out between lectures than a comfy t-shirt. I love this simple design T-shirt from Pretty little thing. A perfect little heart to add a touch more than just a plain t-shirt really will brighten up any look. I love this t-shirt paired with this suede look skirt, but it is also the same one worn under the pinafore. This is adaptable to wear with so many outfits and more importantly its comfortable.

PrettyLittleThing / www.prettylittlething.com / Striped flute sleeve bodysuit

PrettyLittleThing / www.prettylittlething.com / Love heart T-shirt


Whether starting university or returning for another year, you definitely can’t go wrong with a few staple wardrobe additions to wear throughout your term time. I love these pieces and of course these are great, even if you aren’t in university. I am loving styling these pieces for the weekend and already excited to head into Autumn with a few more adaptable items in my wardrobe.




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