Getting out of a bad week

Sometimes you have a bad week. Whether it’s as simple as being cranky from not getting enough sleep, or you’re running late so you miss your bus, or even an argument that sets the week off on a sour note. Whatever the reason, we sometimes let one bad day, start to influence the rest of our week. As much as I try, sometimes I do this too. Last week was one of those weeks, which is one of the reasons my blog posts have been lacking lately, because my focus just wasn’t there. Sometimes it’s easy to shake it off and move on, but other times, it’s a little more difficult to get back to being you.

Depending on the reason for the bad week, this also decides on how best to get out of it. For me, I was just having one of those weeks when you just don’t feel yourself, you don’t feel confident and you want to just be invisible for a while. Though it was annoying, not to feel as happy and upbeat as usual, by the time Sunday came, I was motivated enough to make sure that going into this week, it would be different. The key to turning round a bad week is to sometimes just embrace it for a few days, be sad, or wallow, eat a little extra ice cream or drink a lot of wine. Whatever you need to just brighten your day a little, whilst still feeling a little less yourself.

However, what I refused to do, was to continue on into a new week, acting or feeling the same way. Sunday night I bought some fresh and healthy food to prepare for my meals, I went to bed early and set myself up to start Monday the right way. Monday came and I woke up early and headed into the gym. Getting back to the gym was the first step to feeling good, because exercise; always, always makes you feel amazing afterwards.

I do believe in the law of attraction and when you send out positivity it comes back to you. Later that day I got some good news and after work I ended up meeting up with my best friend for a quick visit. All these things lifted my mood and monday was definitely successful and more importantly a complete turn around to the week before. Making an effort to keep things positive, will ultimately bring a little more positivity to you, even if you don’t receive it back straight away.

So if you are having a few bad days or a bad week, go through it, take some time for yourself if you aren’t feeling great, but make sure that you don’t let it go on too long. Feeling sad and not wanting to talk or deal with other people is normal to feel sometimes, but letting that go on for two weeks, or longer! I don’t believe is good for you. Plan for things you know will cheer you up, whether seeing a friend, watching a movie, exercising or even a trip to the zoo! Whatever you need to boost your mood and turn your week around.

What do you do to change your mood?




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