The little love book Club: The Night circus

Recently my friend and I decided to start a little book club for the two of us. Not only is it a great way to read more and explore books you might not normally read, but it’s perfect for us to find a reason to meet up more often!

Life gets busy, so sometimes I forget to take time to just relax with a good book, and even though we try to meet up frequently, again life just gets in the way! The book club is a perfect excuse to talk more about a mutual love of reading, so I thought I would bring you along for the ride going forward. We had a great time, enjoying wine, endless snacks and cake, and of course discussing the book! This month was our first official book club meeting to discuss the first chosen book: The night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

The description really doesn’t give anything away about this book, and it’s very intriguing from the first page. A combination of perspectives make this book initially a little hard to get into, but once you understand where it is leading, you begin to build momentum and excitement in finding out what’s next. It’s hard to talk in too much detail without giving a lot away. But I can say that this book explores competition, loneliness, love, loss and magic.

This is without a doubt a beautifully written book, with descriptions that engage you as a reader from the beginning. A large part of the book focuses on the enchanting and alluring Night circus, which Erin describes with such detail, you truly feel as though you are there. Besides the beautiful imagery, we do get to learn a lot about the main characters, not only from their own perspective, but how others see them as well, as we jut around between a number of characters points of view.

Vanille and I both agreed that whilst magical and well written, there seemed to be something missing in some ways, and the book was a little rushed by the end. I enjoyed the book, and I did find myself eager to find out how it would all end, but I was not quite satisfied with the conclusion. I do believe that this is a book worth reading. I would love to hear more opinions on this, as it is very mixed from the online reviews I have seen since finishing.

Book rating – 7/10

Recommend – Yes

Read again– Perhaps

Have you read The Night Circus? Let me know your thoughts!

If you want to join in with the Book club the next book will be: Three things about Elsie




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