The healing power of Aloe Vera…

I’ve spoken before about a love for natural beauty and using cruelty free products wherever possible. Well today I wanted to talk about a natural way I have found to help your body in a number of ways. That is with the beautiful Aloe Vera plant. I have sung the praises before to my family and friends, but I wanted to write a short little appreciation post to explain why I truly believe this plant should be an essential in every home!

Too often I think we reach for the medicine. Whether that’s popping a pill when a headache comes our way, reaching for a lemsip or two when you get a sore throat or any of the many sources of medicine we have available. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes its the only way to help take the pain away, but not always. I have found aloe vera to be amazing in helping with the little things that I’ve had issues with. From a rash on my leg, dark marks on my thighs and even some major sensitive skin after reacting to medicine I was applying. Each and every time, I have cut a stem from the aloe vera, opened it up and used the amazing gel found inside to apply to the area. When I have woken up the next day, there was no more irritation, itching, redness or any other symptoms.

So before you go to the doctor or reach for a prescription, why not try a little help from nature and invest in an Aloe Vera plant! Trust me, you won’t regret it.


What tips do you have for using alternatives to medicine?



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