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I’ve mentioned previously that sometimes I’m not the best at keeping up with my skin care regime. I can get a little complacent and sometimes even forget to properly clean my skin the way I should.

Though I love how my skin looks and feels when I am treating it well and making it a priority, recently I felt that I could be doing better. Sometimes my skin, though clean, has felt like I could be doing a little more to really ensure I have gotten rid of every bit of makeup and the elements of the day my skin encounters. Only after using a facial scrub or exfoliant did my skin feel exceptionally clean. This is the kind of feeling I wanted after every time I cleansed my face.  Therefore, I decided to pick up this gorgeous Facial Brush by Vanity planet. They currently have a great discount so January sales have been a great benefit for me!

The facial brush comes with three different brush heads. You have a cleansing brush; exfoliating brush and a silicone brush, which is great for those with dry/sensitive skin. The daily cleansing brush head, is the one you will be using most frequently and I really love this, it feels as though your face is being tickled!

I have previously used a handheld silicone brush to cleanse with, so I do also enjoy using this. I’d say once or twice a week is all I need with this brush. Though it does work into your skin a little more deeper. Of course we don’t need to exfoliate every day, so I like to save the exfoliating brush for only once a week. I absolutely love exfoliating and using face masks. It feels like a wonderful treat for my skin, especially after being outdoors and in this winter weather we still seem to be facing.

The speed of the facial brush is what surprised me the most, it’s actually slower than what I had expected. Not that, that’s a bad thing. Though it has two different speeds, I find myself using the slower speed most often. I do like to concentrate on making sure each part of my face and neck are deeply cleaned, so the slow speed works well and I can take my time.

I would highly recommend the Vanity Planet brush. If I could advise on one thing that may not be for you, is the fact that it does require batteries, rather than being able to charge. However, it’s not a major negative for me, as batteries last quite a while in my book.

What do you do to keep your skin clean? Let me know below




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