Laughter really does make a difference

When all is said and done, what we hold close to our hearts and the memories we share, with the people we love is what really matters. Sometimes we get bogged down in what everyone else is doing, we concentrate on what we don’t have, instead of valuing what we do and too easily we concentrate on the negative.

It’s not always easy to think positive, especially when you feel like life is throwing you some really tough days. But one thing I try to do when I’m feeling down, is to make sure I smile and laugh in some way. Sometimes that means hanging out with friends, I know will make me laugh. Often it’s watching my trusted YouTube videos of favourite bloopers; funny outtakes and more often than not clips of Holly and Phil messing up on This Morning. We always need to be laughing, as it’s a fantastic reminder that life goes on,  no matter how bad days can get.


Recently I have been obsessed with the podcast ‘My dad wrote a porno’ and it has honestly brightened every day! It is hilarious, completely bonkers and absolutely brilliant for keeping your mind off anything negative, at least for the length of an episode. Listening to this podcast also made me realise just how wonderful laughter can be. Whether you are stressed, heartbroken,sad or just having a bad day, finding something to make you smile will do wonders for your mood. I found this podcast at a perfect time, and listened to it at every opportunity (even falling asleep listening!). You don’t have to completely block out the bad parts of life, but they certainly should not define your mood.

Why not find something to bring that beautiful smile back, even if its only for a few minutes a day.


What do you do, when you need to smile? Let me know in the comments





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