Changing seasons, Changing within

I think most people will agree that Autumn is a great time of year. The leaves on the ground, crisp morning air, and the excitement of all the lovely events around the corner, such as bonfire night, Halloween and christmas. I myself am particularly excited, as not only do I love this time of year, I also have a new job to look forward to. Though its exciting to start a new challenge, I am also very nervous. Starting over and meeting new people is always something that will make you a little scared, but the excitement most certainly outweighs the nerves.


Though I am excited at the prospect of more cosy nights in, fluffy jumpers and hot chocolates, I also want to use a new season as a chance for a little motivation for myself. The last month or so I have been seriously slacking in doing much exercise or really thinking about what I’m eating. I want to change this and challenge myself to push further. They say that this is a great time of year to get into shape, and get in the habit, and I want to make this happen. When I exercise, I always feel better about myself and there is no better confidence then feeling great from the inside out. Not only will I be using my trusted Tone it up workouts, but I also decided to try something new which is an app by Nike. The biggest change I really want to make however is to making sure I eat the best I can. Having recently had a root canal, I wanted to cut out sugar as much as possible from my diet, and in doing so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back to eating a very healthy and balanced diet.


So as much as time as I will be spending on the couch at the weekends wrapped in a blanket and enjoying the autumn weather, I really hope to step into this season feeling motivated, inspired and at my healthiest!

What new goals do you have going into the last few months of 2017? Let me know below.




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