L’Occitane- The beautiful indulgence for you

I have posted about the L’Occitane products previously, however, I feel as though there are never enough words to praise this beautiful brand. Not only does it offer a great range of products from home scents, to face creams and everything in between, they offer so much more than just a product.


Indulgent Skin care

My love for L’Occitane began with their skin care, and this is still the case today. Not only are the products made from natural ingredients, they are inspired from nature itself. This beautiful range of skin care caters to all skin types, with the right product just waiting for you to try. I myself, have found that the Shea range to be excellent for my skin. I absolutely adore the Shea cleansing oil. It feels indulgent without being too heavy for my skin. I myself have a normal/ dry skin type  and it really makes such a difference in cleaning my skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished. I have previously written about the Shea products here, but recently I have also tried a different moisturiser after talking with one of their fabulous employees. This is the Pivoine sublime perfecting cream. And this is truly heaven sent! Having only been using this for less than a month, I have already seen an improvement to my skin. It feels amazing, soft and plump.

I highly recommend L’Occitane for skin care. Just head to a store and experiment with what will suit you. It is honestly the best skin care I’ve used, that works amazingly!

Beautiful & Inspired Scents 

Aside from the skin care, you may have seen that L’Occitane offers beautiful perfumes and items for the home. With every product they have, you really gather a sense of how much care has gone into them. Each perfume is beautiful and distinct in its own right.

Whether you are looking for a subtle scent to bring a delicate flavor, such as the Neroli & Orchidee eau de toilette perfume. Or if you prefer a classic scent like the Terre de Lumiere Eau de parfum L’Occitane has something for you!

Aside from the perfume, L’Occitane also offers amazing products such as hand wash, hair care, body lotion and a men’s line of face and body care. A quick look in the store could easily turn into still being in the store an hour later, as there is so much to see.


One of my favourite things about L’Occitane is the amazing staff you find in the store. Everytime I enter, the first thing the ask is if I would like a cup of tea! This is a small gesture, but a wonderful little addition to your shopping experience.


I have found that the knowledge the staff members have is impressive and extremely helpful. Of course they want you to purchase the products, but the advice and care I receive is what really makes the difference, and makes me want to purchase something even more. Even when offering a free sample, a wonderful member of staff advised me to choose something else as she didn’t find the one I had worked well for her hair. All of these small details mean all the difference. Without harassing you, or forcing help on you, the staff at L’Occitane make me feel welcome, valued and allow me to shop at my own pace.

So even if you just want to pop along to a store for a browse, buy a gift for someone else, or treat yourself to something a little indulgent, L’Occitane has eveything you need!


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